Isn't the idea of Zcash contradicts to blockchain idea?


Hey guys!

I’m new in Zcash so apologize for my stupid question.

But isn’t Zcash idea of private transaction contradicts the idea of transparent transactions in blockchain? Or, maybe, I don’t understand something?

Please help!


Not a stupid question at all, probably the most important feature of Zcash.

Transparent transactions cause problems, for example a large business would be publishing all their financial information if they used them - which is a bad thing as their competitors could track/identify their customers, suppliers, basically everything.

Zcash shielded transactions allow you to choose who can see that information, for example regulators, auditors, for taxes, responding to court orders etc - all important things.

Its also important for personal privacy, I doubt anyone likes the idea of their transactions being tracked/back-tracked to identify how much money they have.


I see. So you still can allow some people to see your transactions

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Referred to as “selective disclosure”

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It’s all on blockchain idea, but you have the choice to whom to show your transactions, but I guess in some kind of sense it contradicts to idea of blockchain


I didn’t know I can show my transactions to anyone
Thanks for the information


Really?! Thanks for info. I didn’t know about it.


Its in the works (has been on the drawing table for a while now)
Its actually a really important zip


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