Jeff Knapp candidacy for MGRC position


I would like to take the opportunity to share with you my vision for my MGRC candidacy as briefly as possible.

My background:

12+ years in private practice with the last 3 years as co-owner. This involves multitasking individual patient cases, associate doctors, collaborating with other Healthcare professionals, insurance companies, staff/HR, and general office maintenance. This has provided me with the experience of successfully working with a team to build systems for streamlining the various office functions.

My Interests:

Wellness. Wellness is rounded and inevitably includes personal finance, another one of my passions. This is what instantly drew me to the revolution of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. I truly believe if done properly cryptocurrencies can and will provide positive financial opportunity to every human on earth unlike any other monetary system in recorded history. Thus, reducing a major stress to the lives of many.

After over 3 years of diving deep into the cryptocurrency world I am confident that Zcash is positioning itself as one of the best cryptocurrencies to provide this opportunity on a global scale.

My Value to MGRC:

I do not have a technical background, but I do have enthusiasm for the potential of Zcash and knowledge in building a coordinated system that I think can provide value to the first ever MGRC. I believe it is imperative that the 1st MGRC set up a robust turn-key system, built solely around the Zcash purpose and vision. A system that future MGRC members can easily integrate into, and modify according to future needs.

What does a Zcash MGRC Robust Turn-key System look like? How decisions are made and my personal beliefs about Zcash.

Step one: Identify the Core Zcash Purpose

EXAMPLE: Zcash is a pure privacy eco(money)system. Pure in that our privacy begins at layer 1, making privacy our product, not a feature.

Step two: Develop a Rock Solid Zcash Values System.

This value system will be develop by the MGRC with influence from the ECC, Zfnd, and Zcash community. These values will be the parameters we use to filter proposal submissions. EXAMPLE:

Marketing and Branding . Goal: To build trust and make Zcash a household name. To make the general population as comfortable with “signing up for” and using Zcash as they are a Visa card.

Scaling and Interoperability . Scaling for billions of users and fluidly interacting with all other important regulatory compliant blockchains.

Regulatory Compliant . Cryptocurrency in general is still in uncharted waters in terms of government regulation. Regulation will be rapidly changing in the coming years and Zcash needs to have their “finger on the pulse” of regulations in order to build products that will have a chance of serving billions of users worldwide.

Adaptability . Zcash needs to be able to adapt to the changing regulatory landscape. This is why I firmly believe keeping the current t-address/z-address system in place is crucial. We simply do not know how governments will regulate, and we do not want to put Zcash in a compromising situation.

Firm Zcash Vision . There is a lot of information and ideas floating around the crypto space and this system will help the MGRC filter out the “distractions,” and choose projects/teams that align with our current values and needs.

A quote by Vitalik Buterin sums up the role of the MGRC best:

“The ethereum (Zcash) ecosystem is definitely at the stage where implementing the existing ideas well matters more than coming up with new and better ideas.”

The idea is “one step at a time.” We must not choose a proposal/team because of hype, but we must stick to our vision and progressively include proposals/teams that will build according to our current value system. It’s also important to note that this value system will fluidly change as we continue to achieve our development milestones. Our continued achievements will become the hype others are chasing.

Features . Privacy is our product not a feature, but I think Zcash has the potential to offer several unique and powerful features in the future that no other chain can provide because of our purpose and adaptability.


The newly formed MGRC will develop a system for evaluating proposals. I outlined my suggestions for this process above.

Each proposal will go through the newly created Zcash Value System.

Like gold left after sifting through a pan, proposal(s) that align with our values will then be presented to the community, ECC, Zfnd for input.

The MGRC will evaluate all collected information and present the community with the finalists and any remaining community input will be welcomed.

The MGRC will vote and present the winner.

NOTE: I do not have any affiliation with the Electric Coin Company, Zcash Foundation, or any other cryptocurrency project.

Thank you for this opportunity and your consideration.


Hi @JKnapp welcome to the forums! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have added a link to your post on the MGRC Megathread, Good Luck!

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Hi @JKnapp ! I really like your perspective.

Are you aware of/using ?

I have found it to be extremely easy to use, easy for others to install, etc.

I find myself in close agreement with your perspective on well-being/health, and I think your Values-First process is really appealing. Maybe compelling? I’m not sure but in this moment I am enthusiastic for it.

Recent events have significantly impacted a core technology that Zcash is largely built from, the Rust Programming Language.

Rust was “born” as a research project at Mozilla. Mozilla is now laying off a significant number of people with highly prized Rust skills.

The Rust core community is scrambling to set up an alternative core funding mechanism.

In a way Rust’s relationship to Zcash is similar to the ideal relationship between healthcare and financial privacy. Interdependent, overlapping, and specialized in different ways.

Here’s the link where the setup of the Rust Foundation is being declared:

I’m really curious what ideas might be stimulated by thinking about how the MGRC might relate to The Rust Foundation.

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Hello @zancas,

Thanks for your message.

I have not personally used the zecwallet, but I am a fan of creating/innovating wallets that integrate easy to use shielded transactions. I like the idea of wallets that can seamlessly apply all Zcash transaction types (t-t, t-z, z-t, and z-z). I believe they all have a purpose until further regulatory discovery.

I’m sorry to hear about the Mozilla restructuring and layoffs during these challenging times. I am not technical and do not understand the relationship between the Rust Program Language and how it is used in helping to build Zcash technology. This brings me to an important point:

Scaling and Wallets

I believe that we need to get to a point technology wise where we scale, or we are wasting time. I think scaling needs to come before adding smart contracts, stable coins, and even interoperable (bridge) technology with other chains (why risk a lot of time and money creating a bridge with another chain that “may” not scale and “may” not be regulatory compliant? Scaling (I am in favor of larger block sizes) is the only way Zcash can be of service to the entire world, and I believe all MGRC resources “initially” should go into companies that can help scale Zcash. Obviously, extensive talks with ECC and Zfnd would be required to see where we are at with scaling and what help could be needed. Once scaling is solved it will be time to open up the world of tokens, stable coins, apps, etc.

Easy to use wallets is also a requirement for global usage, and like a mentioned above, a wallet that can seamless integrate all Zcash transaction types (back end - it should be as easy to use as a credit card for the average user) will be needed.

So, to answer your question: If RPL provides (is currently providing) valuable scaling and/or wallet service to Zcash then I would be interested in talking about supporting the foundation with the MGRC.

Jeff Knapp

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Hello @JKnapp For my vote, please answer my questions frankly:

  1. Are you pro BTC? If yes, Why? If not, Why?
  2. What is the largest account size you’ve handled in USD? How many end users did it impact?
  3. MGRC will control 8640 ZEC per month or 25920 per quarter, how will this be roughly spent? (provide napkin calculation).
  4. MGRC announcement attracts 100s of applicants from all over the world with all random ideas, all matching your goals, how would you evaluate them?
  5. KPIs aren’t entirely possible on a privacy preserving payments protocol project’s level, it’s all z2z, how will you evaluate funded team’s impact?
  6. DeFi fever made ETH run 2x compared to every cryptocurrency this year, thoughts?
  7. What locals, regions, languages, ethnicities, educational backgrounds of people have you worked with? What are your preferences of assembling teams that deliver?
  8. We live in a remote world now, how do you evaluate applicants for grants?
  9. Projects in Zcash are going to go through a huge change beyond the handful, driven teams funded via Zcash Foundation, thoughts?
  10. Zcash is a protocol at its core, ZEC price is volatile. How will you handle a single digit ZEC? ($9 x 8640/month = $77,760) How will you handle a 5 digit ZEC? ($21,000 x 8640/month = $181.44MM) Thoughts…

Hello @aiyadt,

Thank you for your message. I will do my best to clearly answer your questions with my position.

Before I begin answering your questions I think it’s important for me to state what I believe to be the “foundation” for the MGRC position.

Simply put: I think that the most important thing for the new MGRC to do when they come together is to develop a common, agreed upon goal. Which is: What do we, as a committee want to accomplish during our MGRC term? Each committee (during each term) will/could have different goals to accomplish throughout the years which will create continual growth and development for the Zcash ecosystem in stages.

My simple answer: I am not pro BTC, but I greatly respect BTC. Without BTC, Zcash and the rest of the exploratory/innovative cryptocurrency field would not exist, which is why I greatly respect BTC.
I am not pro BTC, because I realize that BTC will never fulfill the role of global digital payments (digital cash). I also (unfortunately) believe that the choices in certain BTC bips has lead to a critical flaw that will prevent it from being more than a novelty/collectors item in the future.

The largest account size I have handled is my personal account.

This is quite possibly the most important question. This (ideally) will be answered by the 5 member committee…what goal, do we as a committee want to achieve?

However, I will answer my personal opinion (which is what I will be debating for in the first term MGRC.) KEY WORD: first term MGRC.
As I mentioned earlier the MGRC will set goals to achieve, and those goals (hopefully) will allow for productive, efficient, continual growth for the Zcash ecosystem according to its current stage of development. Currently, the ECC is focused on layer 1 privacy and scalability. I also, believe layer 1 privacy and scalability is the single most important product that Zcash can deliver RIGHT NOW. Therefore, I would want to have discussions with the ECC and Znd to see exactly where we are in the development of layer 1 privacy and scalability (Halo2, etc.) If ECC has a ways to go in this development I would see if outside sources could assist in this development to bring it to market sooner. IMO, I would be comfortable contributing the entire amount of our first term MGRC funds to one or more companies with the sole purpose to ramping up layer 1 privacy and scalability. This is “currently” the single greatest development product that Zcash can and needs to deliver and the sooner the better IMO. Layer 1 privacy and scalability would be a game changer and provide the foundation for global digital payments and this has yet to be developed by any current cryptocurrency.

IF, ECC is comfortable in there layer 1 privacy and scalability roadmap and are confident they can deliver that product in a reasonable time then I would be debating the second most important “features” which would be “oracles” or bridging real world assets with the layer 1 privacy and scalability Zcash ecosystem and (z2z, t2t, t2z, z2t) wallets that are standard on every cell phone in the world.

Because I am not a developer I would evaluate applicants with continual discussions with the ECC, Zfnd and any other experts that understand technically would can and cannot “reasonably” be accomplished. Again, as a first term MGRC member I am not looking for “trendy” features to be added to Zcash. I am looking for foundation features, which will most likely involve collaboration with ECC and Zfnd to ramp up existing development (layer 1 privacy and scalability).

NOTE: I am answering this question based on my personal opinion for the first term MGRC: which is “assistance” in ramping up the development of layer 1 privacy and scalability. KPIs are obviously essential for getting value from your investment, and will be created after discussion with the ECC and Zfnd based on where they are in development and where the specific/chosen applicant(s) could help in this regard. Once we know how the applicant(s) will be assisting in the critical development (of layer 1 privacy and scalability) we will create the techinical KPIs that make sense.

Its fun and exciting experimentation, but its TMZ style crytocurrency marketing (cheap), and does nothing to help the average individual. Nothing truly matters until we have a cryptocurrency that scales and is as close to physical cash as possible…which must include the OPTION of privacy. IMO, Zcash is the ONLY cryptocurrency positioned to function as physical cash, in digital form.

I have worked in healthcare for over a decade and take my oath seriously: do no harm. I want to be involved in a cryptocurrency project that has a similar oath: do no harm. do not take advantage of others. build for the collective good, not just greed or a quick buck. After years of observation it is clear that the ECC and Zfnd live by this oath. They are the most talented, professional, compassionate, and focused team period. I want the MGRC to be the same way. the third leg to the Zcash ecosystem stool (1. ECC/ 2. Zfnd/ 3. MGRC).

This will be done as a committee through continuous online meetings with specific time and date slots.

I’m sorry, but I do not completely understand this question?

This may sound generic, but USD amounts do not matter in MGRC funding. Applicants will have to understand and fully agree that they will be paid via the volatile ZEC. Applicants must be “ALL IN” on Zcash like the ECC, like the Zfnd, and like the MGRC. They will be motivated to create stellar designs that will quickly and efficiently improve the Zcash ecosystem and in turn the Zcash price.

SUMMARY: As a first term MGRC member I am interested in finding teams that are ALL IN on Zcash and that can fulfill the role of achieving our first term MGRC goal(s).

Thank you.


THAT is the question :slight_smile:

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Hello @jmsjsph,

Thank you for your reply.

IMM, a Zcash MGRC Robust Turn-Key System is a well documented map created by the first term MGRC members. This will be fluid and created as the team *together decides on how to communicate with applicants, ECC, Zfnd, and any other experts. This communication flow will be created in template form for future MGRC to use if they choose.

The System (list and template form) will start with the basics:

  1. Where are we currently at with Zcash development: Quick summary of projects complete and in action

  2. First term MGRC goals, achievements and what is left: Once the first term MGRC is complete we will create a summary of our goals, percentage of completion that we were able to achieve on each goal, and what *potentially needs to be done to complete the remaining goals. Second term MGRC will have a clear vision of what the first term MGRC “was thinking” and they will be able to pick up where they left off…if they choose.

  3. List of Zcash ecosystem priorities: This is very important IMO. For the Zcash ecosystem to be robust it MUST have a solid development foundation. This will also help “guide” the MGRC in how to set goals and choose applicants…
    For Example: It is already clear that the *current goal of Zcash is to be safe, private digital cash for the global population. This can only happen if Zcash can scale with privacy…hence, layer 1 privacy that is scalable. This is the base level foundation that must be built first. ECC is currently working on this foundation and if assistance can help with this then the MGRC should step in to help with this because it is priority #1.
    Once priority #1 is complete: Congrats! Zcash is the first cryptocurrency is the World that has layer 1 privacy and scalability. it is time to work on priority 2, 3, 4 etc. each additional priority will *most likely be achieved at faster paces because the foundation is become stronger with each achievement…Looking at our original Zcash goal again…private digital cash for the global population…priority 2,3,4 etc. goals *could include things like universal wallets with (z2z, t2t, t2z, z2t) to get Zcash in the hands of the population. Oracles or the idea of transferring traditional resources to the Zcash system is also important. These things needs to be creatively and strategically designs so the end user (average individual who doesnt know or care about cryptocurrency) can and will use our universal wallet and transfer their traditional resources to the Zcash system because is it easy and *more beneficial to do so rather than to keep using existing systems.

  4. Lastly we will create templates for how we communicate with applicants (questions, how we set up meetings, etc.), ECC, Zfnd, and other experts. We will also *rate our communication with these different groups and individuals…for example, We will rate our communication experience with individuals from the ECC and Zfnd (where they difficult, rude, unhelpful, pleasant, very helpful, etc.) this will give future MGRC members a heads up for how to approach communication with these essential groups and individuals.

Summary: The turn-key system will make “passing the baton” from MGRC 1 to MGRC 2…etc. simple.

Thank you and Good Luck to you!


I think we’re on the same page! Cool. Passing the baton, “peaceful transition”, is key. Thanks and good luck to you, too :mechanical_arm:

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