Jeff Knapp candidacy for MGRC position


I would like to take the opportunity to share with you my vision for my MGRC candidacy as briefly as possible.

My background:

12+ years in private practice with the last 3 years as co-owner. This involves multitasking individual patient cases, associate doctors, collaborating with other Healthcare professionals, insurance companies, staff/HR, and general office maintenance. This has provided me with the experience of successfully working with a team to build systems for streamlining the various office functions.

My Interests:

Wellness. Wellness is rounded and inevitably includes personal finance, another one of my passions. This is what instantly drew me to the revolution of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. I truly believe if done properly cryptocurrencies can and will provide positive financial opportunity to every human on earth unlike any other monetary system in recorded history. Thus, reducing a major stress to the lives of many.

After over 3 years of diving deep into the cryptocurrency world I am confident that Zcash is positioning itself as one of the best cryptocurrencies to provide this opportunity on a global scale.

My Value to MGRC:

I do not have a technical background, but I do have enthusiasm for the potential of Zcash and knowledge in building a coordinated system that I think can provide value to the first ever MGRC. I believe it is imperative that the 1st MGRC set up a robust turn-key system, built solely around the Zcash purpose and vision. A system that future MGRC members can easily integrate into, and modify according to future needs.

What does a Zcash MGRC Robust Turn-key System look like? How decisions are made and my personal beliefs about Zcash.

Step one: Identify the Core Zcash Purpose

EXAMPLE: Zcash is a pure privacy eco(money)system. Pure in that our privacy begins at layer 1, making privacy our product, not a feature.

Step two: Develop a Rock Solid Zcash Values System.

This value system will be develop by the MGRC with influence from the ECC, Zfnd, and Zcash community. These values will be the parameters we use to filter proposal submissions. EXAMPLE:

Marketing and Branding . Goal: To build trust and make Zcash a household name. To make the general population as comfortable with “signing up for” and using Zcash as they are a Visa card.

Scaling and Interoperability . Scaling for billions of users and fluidly interacting with all other important regulatory compliant blockchains.

Regulatory Compliant . Cryptocurrency in general is still in uncharted waters in terms of government regulation. Regulation will be rapidly changing in the coming years and Zcash needs to have their “finger on the pulse” of regulations in order to build products that will have a chance of serving billions of users worldwide.

Adaptability . Zcash needs to be able to adapt to the changing regulatory landscape. This is why I firmly believe keeping the current t-address/z-address system in place is crucial. We simply do not know how governments will regulate, and we do not want to put Zcash in a compromising situation.

Firm Zcash Vision . There is a lot of information and ideas floating around the crypto space and this system will help the MGRC filter out the “distractions,” and choose projects/teams that align with our current values and needs.

A quote by Vitalik Buterin sums up the role of the MGRC best:

“The ethereum (Zcash) ecosystem is definitely at the stage where implementing the existing ideas well matters more than coming up with new and better ideas.”

The idea is “one step at a time.” We must not choose a proposal/team because of hype, but we must stick to our vision and progressively include proposals/teams that will build according to our current value system. It’s also important to note that this value system will fluidly change as we continue to achieve our development milestones. Our continued achievements will become the hype others are chasing.

Features . Privacy is our product not a feature, but I think Zcash has the potential to offer several unique and powerful features in the future that no other chain can provide because of our purpose and adaptability.


The newly formed MGRC will develop a system for evaluating proposals. I outlined my suggestions for this process above.

Each proposal will go through the newly created Zcash Value System.

Like gold left after sifting through a pan, proposal(s) that align with our values will then be presented to the community, ECC, Zfnd for input.

The MGRC will evaluate all collected information and present the community with the finalists and any remaining community input will be welcomed.

The MGRC will vote and present the winner.

NOTE: I do not have any affiliation with the Electric Coin Company, Zcash Foundation, or any other cryptocurrency project.

Thank you for this opportunity and your consideration.

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Hi @JKnapp welcome to the forums! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have added a link to your post on the MGRC Megathread, Good Luck!

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