Jinglan Wang on Elinor Ostrom for cybercoins

This is fascinating:

I’m glad someone in the cybercoins community is studying Ostrom’s research! Elinor Ostrom set out to empirically observe how communities manage shared resources.

Economic theory (The Tragedy of the Commons) predicts that shared resources will be consumed and exhausted, but Ostrom found that this is not what happens in practice. She studied many different communities than managed many different kinds of shared resources successfully and wrote about what they had in common. She won the Nobel Prize in Economics for this research.

Here’s a good podcast discussing Ostrom’s research:

This is relevant to Zcash because funding and management of core support functions is a shared resource for all zcashers.

When I say “core support functions”, I’m thinking of software development, marketing, science and technology innovation, government relations, business development (I.e. partnerships with exchanges, wallets, and products and services), etc.

Jinglan Wang (early part-time employee at ECC, and founder of a startup named “Optimism”) mentions Zcash governance at one point in this document.