July 27th, 2018 Weekly update (Community&Comms)

This is our fortnightly community and communications update, for the latest update on the engineering front, check out last week’s update.

From the blog…

The last two weeks have seen some exciting industry announcements which we elaborated on in the blog:

We wrote about Coinbase’s intent to explore integration of Zcash. So while no implementation roadmap has been declared or specified by them, we’re excited about helping them understand what it would take to move forward with Zcash support and show them the strong benefits of offering Zcash services to their customers. If you’re a Coinbase customer, feel free to help us out by thanking them for exploring Zcash. And if you’re not, maybe let them know you still appreciate their intent to explore Zcash and might become a customer if they indeed move forward with support (especially if they worked on shielded address support). :slight_smile:

Then just this week, we wrote about Bitgo’s announcement of support for Zcash. This is a big win for both privacy and security! Where Zcash can support enhanced privacy of transaction details, Bitgo is now an option for users concerned about wallet security (which should be all of you!!). :slight_smile:


Last week, Zooko spent an evening at the Boulder Blockchain meetup with a bunch of the Zcash team also in attendance. The meetup hosted an informal Q+A with Zooko and a recording of the livestream is available here.

This Monday, I participated in the Boston Women in Blockchain meetup for a special event on Zcash and blockchain privacy.

We sponsored and attended this year’s PETS. Shout out to Zcash engineer, George Tankersley, who co-wrote a winning paper!

Next week, a few of us will be attending the Decentralized Web Summit, hosted by the Internet Archive which is an early adopter of Zcash donations!

I’ll reiterate from the last community update that myself and the Zcash Foundation are investigating how to ramp up Zcash meetups. Stay on the lookout for an announcement and get in touch with me if you’re interested in starting a Zcash meetup in your area and could use some support! We can also use the #meetups channel in the chat to discuss ideas and new locations. And check out the SF Bay area and Boston Zcash user meetups if you happen to live in those areas.

And finally, Zcon1 planning is underway! We’re really excited for next year’s event and will have an official announcement from the Foundation once a location is nailed down.


Several Zcash Company engineering teams have started relevant channels on the Zcash community chat including #documentation and #zcashd-team.

If you haven’t already seen, there’s a Zcash Community Store and a newly established ZcashCommunity.com Facebook page both run by mineZcash!

That’s all for this week!