Kraken Wire Transfers

What is the longest anyone has had to wait for a wire transfer from Kraken? They say 1 to 5 days, but give no status on the transfer. It just sits there saying pending. I think at this point I would have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting a response from Kraken support.

SEPA ~48h from Switzerland

Must be nice. I put mine in last Sunday and still haven’t received the funds. I’m in the US, though would love to have a Swiss bank account.

first transfer took a minute (weeks), then 2-3 days. lately, SWIFT transfers have been same day (litterally an hour). if this is your first transfer; might take a minute… they use synapse, and synapse might want to do more KYC/AML (big thing with synapse seems to be “source of funds”)

Taking weeks is not good since I have a massive bill for cooling the mining rigs that is coming due. Oh well, I will just have to tap into my reserve cash if need be. Thanks for the info.

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I’m not sure what options you have available in the U.S. but here in Canada, one of our exchanges has some pretty easy and fast options. What I do is use that exchange to transfer money to/from my bank account and then I use Kraken to trade cryptocurrencies. If you can find an exchange that does quick turn around with your bank account, that might be an option. Just know you’ll get hit with a couple of extra fees from the transferring between exchanges as well.

Just got word from Kraken support that they are unable to do wire transfers for the US at this time. Sounds like lack of funds issue to me. I’m going to look for another exchange to get my money out.

Kraken support is now saying the OCR software can’t recognize me face. Was told that I need to resubmit the picture for tier 3 verification. They then went on to say that they still can’t do a wire transfer. I replied to the email to put the funds back into my account and I will exchange it for crypto. I tried coinbase and got money in my bank account in 2 days. Kraken is joke. I would only use them for crypto conversions, if that.

happy to hear you got it worked-out!

Still haven’t gotten the money back from Kraken. Coinbase was basically a test run to get money out after exchanging ZEC for BTC. I don’t know how Kraken hasn’t been taken down for shady practices. Since they are based in Silicon Valley, I will just take them to small claims court and get a default judgement.


Getting tired of this. Going to open a ticket and tell them they have 7 days to relinquish my money, otherwise I am going to take legal action.

Thanks for sharing good information.