Launching the Zcash Minor Grants Program by ZFND

ZCAP is not an arbitrary membership, as opposed to the inherited rights to voting in a liberal democracy. The ZCAP members actively campaigned to their role (and to their reaffirmation in their role), and so if they stray from that role it is reasonable to move the process at a good pace to reseat a new and engaged ZCAP member. 3 missed elections in a row, hypothetically for 40% of the total eligible voters would be, frankly speaking, pathetic in my opinion, but it would be valid under the current policies. I’m glad to see that some policy exists at all, but I wonder if 2 is the magic number (rather than 1 or 3).

I would promote the idea of an active abstain vote (a dead man’s switch) to allow for engaged members to identify that they witnessed the voting possibility but actively decided not to. This is different from missing the vote because of being dead (unaware or removed from the community hosting the vote).

I’d also promote a total majority participation rate, necessary to make any vote tallying to be considered valid or invalid. If fewer than 75% of all eligible ZCAP voters do not participate, I think that the entire voting instance should be invalidated. This requirement would compliment a dead man’s voting solution also, allowing for many members to vote active abstain - while still creating valid total voting process outcomes. Re: @covfefe @David_Heisenberg @nathan-at-least