Let’s talk about ASIC mining

What source? He never has posted a source or any other backup.

Here the todays mining pool distribution and at least i can not see any of 2.5 times of flypool. Again pure FUD attempt.

Actually the mining pool distribution looks way better than some weeks ago for sure.

Mining Pool Distribution some weeks ago:

The unknown hash comes and goes seem’s to be going in a testing phase, when they sell all the ASIC’s they have they (Bitmain) e.t.c. will switch on their mining farms. Stop being so blind unless it is your job, I know you have got to get paid.


I’am not blind, all i know that you are fighting for one of the last pieces of top gpu mining coins/tokens … everything else is just a farce, agenda, and fear of losing investments, clear as day by now …
Will be interesting to see what happens in some months when ETH switches to POS where all the hashrate is going. Millions of gpu cards switching to some of the view gpu pow coins that still will be minable …

And you just continue to offend, lol, desperation pure …

As a long-term GPU miner I plugged in my Z9 yesterday. Averaged 11.32 kSol/s over first 24 hours and draws 278W at the wall. Considering this is a first generation ASIC, I think we can safely say the only thing stopping GPU mining being non-existent is merely the constrained supply in getting hold of these machines.

When overclocked they can do almost 16.5k. Enjoy while it lasts.

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Here is my report from Zcon0…


Dont correct me just to post something .
Its obviously that is going on and off …testing or what…yesterday network was 850 mh ,now is 570mh .
But its obvious that is has a power for 50% on one place.

I thing that one who has that power read this posts here…when here was post adress that made 500 ZEC a day for more then a week…same day they moved hash power to other address.

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No …Zcash is farce…BTG is now shifting to parameters Zooko and others promised more then 2 years ago …and Zcash is using parameters that are never intended to be used in Zcash.

Should i repeat their post
"Zooko Wilcox and Jack Grigg | Apr 15 2016

The next step in our use of Equihash is to write an optimised implementation. Once that is done, we will reset the testnet with higher-memory parameters.

Further down the track, our goal is to have the Equihash solver optimised for running on smartphones. We hope that this will greatly aid the decentralization of mining — users could mine Zcash while their phones are plugged in and unused overnight!"

GPU miners are much less afraid off losing their investment then ASIC …because on all other coin ASIC makes pennies …because bitmain and others make 99% off money there…that is why they need ZCASH so badly.
Also ETH will not go to POS for years and maybe even never …because it would actually kill decentralisation which is main advantage off ETH over other coins and reason is popular…only people with more then 1000 ETH could stake …and how many people have half million $ to buy ETH.

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It will go POS and mostly with 32 ETH minimum stake, at least that is what they are working currently on.

I have no idea where you all get so much wrong information, seriously. In the Ethereum 2.0 Mauve Paper it’s clearly mentioned that it is 32 ETH, everybody can read about it.

The first time they came up with the idea of POS ETH was US$ 10, that’s why than back they have choosen to go with 1.000 ETH, since than things obviously changed, that’s why it is changed now to ETH 32 and will reduced maybe further.

If you believe ETH won’t go POS, just pe prepared for a supripise than because they go 100% POS and all their Projects build on them are allready well aware of it and preparing too.

Here some details for people interested:

Proof of Stake
BLOCK_TIME: 4 seconds (aiming on the less ambitious side to reduce overhead)
EPOCH_LENGTH: 10800 seconds (ie. 12 hours under good circumstances)
MAX_DEPOSIT_SIZE: 2**17 ether
REWARD_COEFF: (3 / 1000000000) * BLOCK_TIME
SKIP_TIME: 8 seconds (aiming on the less ambitious side to reduce overhead)
WITHDRAWAL_DELAY: 10000000 seconds (ie. 4 months)

Totally naive concept , the ASICs company mainly earn the money from selling ASICs. They will not rely on the profit of mining. All the material need cost and they need to pay for it asap( may be within 3mths)

Waiting the ASICs to mine the coins to earn money is the most non profit way for a company. And the coins also take risk to go down. Mining is the risky way for the ASICs company to earn.

They just simple sell the ASICs into the market, get the money, and make the next powerful machine to get the second money.

Don’t use your non business mind to think of the bisiness.

I believe it is down to 32 ETH because of sharding and if Casper is updated to use sharding on a side chain it will delay the release a few months. I hope they delay it to integrate this new idea as it will help reduce the stake as well as increasing amount of transactions/sec. I think it will be next spring/summer before it happens and PoW is to be phased out gradually and not all at once with Casper. I believe they will phase it out over 2 years or so. I believe Casper drops the block reward by 500% though, which is steep.

I read it in their road map…maybe they change since when i read it.


Just a quick question,

So, how, in principle would PoS work with z addresses? how can I stake from a z address? the network doesn’t even know how many coins I have until I spend them.

Maybe I am missing something obvious. but I cannot see how privacy coins or coins with shielded transactions can be PoS coins.


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I don’t see how POS will be good for most miners asic and gpu. Maybe big farms and companies like Bitmain. They will have enough coin to stake all they want.

And what’s funny is that BTG is more profitable the Zcash.

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Its more dangerous at least

Those smaller pools likely belong to the ASIC miner that was getting 50% of the blocks for a few weeks.

It looks like batch 2 sold out today.

4 month withdrawal delay? If I understood it properly, it means that you should wait 4 month before getting your stake back to normal supply. With such an enormous volatility risk is too high for 99,999% investors. Maybe some early adobters, who got their ETH from ICO and already sold a few, may afford this but not the majority. And 32 ETH is still ~15000USD or ~20 1080Ti. In 4 month with 3% annual interest staker gets 0.32 ETH. Fair reward? If you say that that lack of technical knowledge about GPU mining is a fence for new adobters, I’d like to tell that lack of economical knowledge about PoS mining is the Great Wall of China for new adobters.

I would love to see ETH price at that point.


i didn’t say it was fair or good how ethereum make is. I posted it just as a response for:

  • that they will soon get POS
  • that it doesn’t need 1000 ETH

that was all i wanted to make clear with the post about the Ethereum POS details.

Me personally isn’t an Ethereum fan either so i’am not that much interested in how they will make it at all, but thinking about it and just in generally:

  • 3% annual interest isn’t maybe much for you, but for investors it’s good having in mind that most banks in “secure” countries pay 0.0% - 1% at most.
  • about the 4 month holding, i don’t think it’s a good idea either if it’s that exactly, no idea why they would choose such a long initial time.
  • About the 32 ETH, i personally think they will lower it more, just a guess. 32 ETH is still pretty high and i agree that it is a bunch of money, but than again, maybe and eventuallly their purpose is to attract bigger investors and long holders instead of us “faster selling average joe” miners. Just a guess of course.

But i’am pretty sure, however they make it, it will work out for them. It’s the 2nd most known coin/token after Bitcoin and can build on that with pretty much evertyhing they come out.

However, in short. I don’t think ETH POS is one of the most fair ones, hence why i always say/think POS should be a lot of tweaked/improved/developed so everybody, even the guy with 1 coin, can use POS and be part of it.

And to be honest so far from all POS i have tried and tested some are really worse than bad in their current state, but some work out absolutly perfectly, but this woud be another topic.