Let’s talk about ASIC mining


Actually it’s fast going down with profitability with the asics.

Right now the Z9 mini needs electricity cost of 17 cents to have mining for 0 (0 profit/0 loss) without ROI included. Last time i checked, i think about 2 or 3 weeks ago it was at 24 cents, so things go downhill really fast…



120Ksol/s 1550W


i don’t know how much you mine with other equipment, but at the moment, compared, mining zec is a fairy tale. no other asic, gpu or algo comes close. and it’s achievied by not selling any equihash asics to the public. they are simply unavailable, for a long period.


I don’t mine at all anymore. All i use right now is 1 CPU and some left 1080ti’s for some test mining, no more any asics on my end. Stopped ALL mining as it doesn’t make any sense to feed my electricity company day by day mining for them more than for anybody elese…


We will stick to Bitmain, because Nvidia may act like Bitmain.

This doesn’t make sense. There are other ASIC manufacturers alongside Bitmain like Innosilicon. This isn’t much different from AMD and Nvidia designing all GPUs. NVIDIA is pushing hard for ProgPoW. GPU mining is much less secure for any coin other than the one with the highest profitability, which hasn’t been Zcash for some time.


Maybe this link has been posted here already, I’m not sure, so apologies if it’s redundant.

Instead of assuming that most participants will follow the protocol faithfully, Bitcoin developers assume that participants will proactively seek out ways to deviate from the protocol if those deviations can result in profit. This assumption greatly restricts the flexibility in protocol design choices, but has proven to be a crucial requirement for success out on the open Internet.

Bitcoin developers strive for something called incentive compatibility. If a protocol has incentive compatibility, it means that the optimal decision for each individual from their own perspective is also the optimal decision for the group as a whole. When protocols are incentive-compatible, individuals can be completely selfish because those selfish actions will benefit the group as well.


and innosilicon has released their new baby!!!

What is this new A9+ Miner???/

120Ksol/s 1550W , the world’s most powerful and unsurpassed efficiency equihash miner, all new A9+ Zmaster just limited release! First order, first served.


at a price tag of $5,000 (not including PSU or power) this has a recover of investment of 340 days

Additional edit – to buy one and the PSU and have it shipped to the USA $6141.44 (recovery of investment) = 410 days

If I pick it up in Hong Kong its $5821.43

The above pricing is via purchasing with BTC, if you use bank wire transfer the price for the unit, PSU, and shipping drops to $5,412.00


Its just 2 slapped together, there is a Canadian supplier https://miningcave.com/product/innosilicon-a9-50k-sol-s-batch1/
Fyi theres about 300 container ships waiting to get into Long Beach CA because the Coast Guard isnt processing their manifests so shipped on ships from China is gonna be indefinite ( that came from tonight’s NBR at about 8 min, NBR 01/14/19 http://nbr.com )


Be careful for anyone considering buying this, ROI on this new model will be next to impossible. This new A9+ costs the same as the original A9 when it first came out, yet the original mined 4-5x more ZEC per day at that time. Now that difficulty has increased, this new unit costs the same, yet yields only about 25% of the daily ZEC, which is also only worth ~$56 USD per ZEC vs. $200+ USD per ZEC when the original came out.

The only way for this unit to make ROI, ZEC would have to rally back above $200 USD. However, for the total cost of this new unit, you could purchase ~100 ZEC at today’s price. So anyone considering this would be much better off buying ZEC directly.


None of the new hardware released will ROI anymore for miners with electricity costs above 10 cents in my opinion. Could be even less cent per kw/h needed to ROI.

Things are pretty simple nowadays, if you are not in a region with electricity prives below 8 cents, don’t even bother doing a ROI calculation on new hardware, no matter if Asic or GPU’s, but especially Asics of course.


I am not promoting the new A9+ Zmaster; using what to mine and putting the KwH at 0.12 I get this


That’s right now bevor they are even shipped, let me now what you get in 3 months after 1, 2 or 3 batches are shipped and online …

Even by now, without having them online and several batches, it would need about ~400 days to get even with todays profit and we all know that the difficulty won’t stay at todays level, even less does profitability.

It simply won’t ROI for miners with above average electricity prices of 12+ cents, for these 8-12 cents it’s a bit better but still pretty sure they won’t ROI and these with 2-8 cents per kw/h are fine and don’t have to worry at all with good chances to ROI and make a profit.

Just as a side note, always have in mind that the next generation asics always put a longer ROI on the previous versions. We saw this with the Z9 mini when the Z9 came out, now the Z9 gets a harder ROI with this A9+ Master and next time the A9+ Master will be the victim, maybe in 6 months or so, we will see.



Just saw that about 10 minutes ago.


Seems this time his prediction ist just true, i have the same feeling for 2019… no matter if asics or gpu’s, pretty sure we will see the most attacks so far. Most hardware online while at lowest prices, this cries for attacks all the time…



It appears all the major coins don’t want to support PoW mining again, they appear to have gotten to Ethereum developers particularly “vitalik buterin”, mark this post just like I predicted with Zcash early last year. Ethereum will fork when PoS comes, PoS will fail just like Paycoin, fundamentally flawed idea, but it is good for get rich schemes which most of these coins developers seem to be aiming for i.e. pump and dump. My money is on the PoW fork of Ethereum surviving long term.


Proof of work is unlikely to survive long term. It’s also inherently unfair due to economies of scale. Both PoW and PoS have flaws but PoW has more flaws. Zcash should follow ETH after they work out the bugs.


Go study Paycoin that is a case study in human nature and proof of stake; that is what will eventually happen to all proof of stake coins, there as to be separation of chain validation and chain assets. Also proof of stake is not secure and is fundamentally unfair, it discourages usage…for crypto currency to survive and thrive there must be an incentive for use not hoarding which proof of stake does not offer…these are diametrically opposed concepts. You have to use higher reasoning to see these things, talk-less of the technical aspects of PoS(which is less secure than PoW)…I could go on and on.

But hey, if my aim to pump and dump as I have alot of ether or zcash due to founders reward or ICO I too would like that…it will not expand cryto usage.


Interesting, but if i had to choose if my incnetive should be:

  • hoarding
  • dumping to pay my electricity bills

i just prefer hoarding. If you are fine with giving 90+% to your electricity company and if your incentive is just sponsoring your electricity company, perfectly, go on with POW… Maybe settling into a low electricity region will would be a good choice as well …

Not even commenting on the less secure aspect, total nonsens. Until you can tell me an exploited or attacked POS coin i take that POW (daily exploits and attacks) is way less secure.

Good luck with your hardware and electricity company sponsorship by now… Just as a reminder, it’s 2019, not anymore 2013 where POW was the non plus ultra profititable business…


The incentive here is for users and not miners which are about 5% of the usage base (guesstimate), the other 95% know nothing about mining, with PoS they will, so the incentive is not there for usage for them, with very high usage I mean VISA level (millions of transactions per day) transactions fees will eclipse any block reward that is the future of crypto not these minor things you seem to be concerned with.