Lets brainstorm some zecwallet improvements!

Lets try to improve the user experience of Zecwallet, I have already came up with 2 issues and submitted them to github here

I would like to create a large list of small tweaks and I will order them by difficulty, submit it to the devs and ask them to apply for another grant.


I’ve ran across a bug on windows and linux clients in

Address Book.
The last entry is cut off, even when window is maximised.

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Here’s another:
IMO, it would be handy to see the label next to addresses in both Receive and Dashboard screens.

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Here are 10 ideas.

  1. Create New and Used tabs for both address types on the Receive page. Default to the New tab which shows a single unused address.

  2. Hardcode into the wallet that it will never spend from a transparent address. Automatically shield funds sent to any transparent address. Replace the Shielded and Transparent balance distinction with Pending and Spendable. Once enabled, users will only privately spend whenever using the wallet.

  3. To be very privacy sensitive, make Automatic Shielding a mode that can be disabled. When enabled, the blockchain would record that the user had opened their wallet, if new transparent funds had been received. This would leak data unexpectedly for users who don’t expect their wallet to make transactions without their approval. When automatic shielding is disabled, prompt user that they must click the shield funds button before spending, if they are attempting to spend more funds than they already have shielded. The wallet will never spend from a transparent address, whether the auto shielding feature is enabled or disabled.

  4. If automatic shielding is enabled, avoid shielding from different transparent addresses in the same transaction and at the same time, to avoid linking addresses together. Shielding transactions are sent one by one after random wait times have passed. This would happen in the background whenever the wallet is open. If the user tries to spend from their transparent balance before this process is completed, they are given the option to end this process by shielding the rest of their transparent address balances instantly, sacrificing privacy for speed.

Feature #2 is a higher priority than features #3 and #4.

  1. Use a static hidden shielded address whenever the wallet shields funds. This address is never shown to the user on the Receive page. This would reduce attack surface, because it is harder to break the cryptography for shielded addresses that an attacker does not know. The user should keep this address private.

  2. Remove the ability to scroll to change the amount of coins being sent. This can cause people to accidentally increase or decrease the amount being sent when scrolling on the send page.

  3. Add ability to access seed phrase and addresses without an internet connection and during startup sync.

  4. During startup sync, add more details about what is being synced, estimated time remaining and a progress bar.

  5. Add ability to delete wallet and restore a wallet from seed phrase.

  6. Add an estimated time for when pending funds will become spendable. When blockchain switches to proof of stake this can be upgraded to an exact countdown.


Excellent ideas @zxs


Here are 7 more ideas.

  1. Add ability to enter the amount to spend in a transaction in USD.

  2. Add progress bar during transaction build.

  3. After creation of seed phrase, show optional entry for user to type in phrase to confirm they wrote it down properly.

  4. Add Hide button to hide address private viewing and spending key after clicking Export button.

  5. An address with no funds shows “–” for its USD value. Change to “0”.

  6. Add “-” button to remove transaction output after “+” button is clicked.

  7. Change “Confirm Transaction” dialog to say: “Confirm send Amount to Address? Fee: Fee