Linux headless on silentarmy

hi folks,

Someone know how I can run silentarmy headless? When I set in the BIOS GPU to PCI-E system is not booting.

If set to onboard, system is booting when I modify GRUB.conf → quiet splash to nomodeset but in silentarmy no AMD GPU gets found. :frowning:

So is there a way to get this running without an dummy device?

Nope. I tried. You can use a hot wire to trick the PCIE slot. Try to find it on Google. I am on my phone right now. So searching is a pain. Look for PCIE A1/B17.

Here you go. :stuck_out_tongue:

Shorting Pins for “Presence Detection”

Bleep. This is for detecing only. Not shure if it will power on a card aswell. Check your BIOS settings for power saving on the PCIE lane. That could work.