List of confirmed Zcon0 speakers!

Name Affiliation
Nathan Wilcox Zcash Company, CTO
David Vorick Sia, Cofounder
Jonathan Rouach QED-it, CEO
Ian Muñoz Zcash Company, DevOps
Brad Miller Zcash Company, Engineer
Izaak Meckler Coda, CTO
Mary Maller University College London, Researcher
Linda Naeun Lee Zcash Company, UX Researcher
Hudson Jameson Ethereum Foundation
Jack (str4d) Grigg Zcash Company, Engineer
Matthew Green Johns Hopkins, Cryptographer
Nicola Greco Protocol Labs, Engineer
Jay Graber Zcash Company, Engineer
Ariel Gazibon Zcash Company, Engineer
Jack (Dodger) Gavigan Zcash Company, COO
Marshall Gaucher Zcash Company, Engineer
Nic Carter, Cocreator
Sean Bowe Zcash Company, Engineer
Daniel Benarroch QED-it, Lead Cryptographer
J. Ayo Akinyele YeleTech Security, President

What about @zooko? Interesting Vorick will be there.

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