- The Cheapest Cloud Based Zcash Mining!

Hi mvpower,

Sorry, I believe we just got your TX IDs over email. You should be good now. Just check your email because I believe we would have recently requested your "t" address to start you mining. Thanks!

Will you guarantee your customers will get hash increases if silentarmy can pull off the 100H/s he thinks he can get from a 480?

Thank you for going into such detail about your operation expenses. I think this is really important for people to be clear on before buying any kind of cloud mining.

Please do not take anything personal. Considering the massive profit reduction in cloud mining I think that is fairly obvious to consumers how hard is to ROI. However you could have a chance of doing things differently and providing a fair service that may help those who can not mine who want some zcash.

Best of luck!

There is no problem with upgrading customers hashrates if the same hardware can do more. And in fact, I would even be happy to help pay for the development of the software that accomplishes this. That is why I was contributing to Zogminer. I even personally talked with you about this (when you did not know was my project) so I pretty sure you believe me.

Overall, I would have to work out a system that works best for upgrading new customers and old customers with any software improvements that are released. I don't have those details right now, but if the software can do more, I am 100% happy to pass that on to customers. I can see absolutely no reason not to pass on any improvements to customers.

Sorry if I was being defensive, or responded like I was being attacked. It is just hard to work day and night and try to treat people good and then see postings that I feel are attacking. Thanks for responding in a + fashion Nathan! :slight_smile:

Its too expensive, the price must be not higher than 25 USD per 1H/s.

Taking into account that in home environment right now you can get 17USD per Hash/s including power (depending on location).

I get about $17 per 1 H/s for just a computer alone, with no power costs or anything else. For most of the country, electricity is a big factor. In California, electricity alone costs more than $10 a year per 1 H/s. Again, this is just some of the costs. If you work for free, don't have to pay rent, etc, it might be you can do it yourself for cheaper (if you call working for free a good arrangement :slight_smile: You can often repair your car yourself for cheaper than hiring someone else. Some people repair their own cars, some people hire a mechanic. Different situations work best for different people.

Counsellor, we appreciate your feedback of $25 at per 1 H/s is a good price. We are working to keep prices as low as possible. Ok, speaking of working, back to work, there is lots to do and it is only 11:30 PM :slight_smile:

Well, now it comes clear who is behind Zcash, taking into account the name of the venture behind the trademark.

Hahahhah, yeah, getting people to use more power, good call :slight_smile:

Ok, everyone should be running smoothly, we just started people running over the last 24 hours. We are actually trying to give people a little more speed than they ordered right now (we gotta make cloud mining look good with lots of others trying to make it look bad). If you see some extra speed in your account, that is what is going on. Oh, also, please use the 24 hours numbers as the speed will change during the day. If you ordered 1 H/s, at one point you might be running at 10 H/s, the next running at 0, but we will make sure you get the hashing you ordered.

We are still building tons of stuff, so just hang tight on features, but everyone should be mining. I think we have received pool info from just about everyone (> 90% at least, just a few people missing from really recent orders).

Thanks everyone, gotta get back to building stuff!!

Just a quick update. Everyone should be running good for a little while now. We have been giving people extra speed and making sure everything is smooth, and we are still changing the way the hashing is sent to the pool. We noticed a few people are mining at FlyPool using the same address that they gave to us to mine under and that will cause a problem. The thing is, the system can't tell what is mining done by and what mining is done by someone else. So, if possible please don't mine with your own hardware at FlyPool with the same address that you gave us to mine with. We are working on a fix, but in the meanwhile, the hashrate for these people in this situation might be a little messed up. We will make sure you get at least the hashrate you purchased, it just might not be as steady as we want it to be. Not a big issue, but I thought I would bring it up.

Also, it looks like there has been some recent speed improvements with some mining software that has been released. We have not yet had a chance to test the new software, but once we get a chance to, we will be happy to pass on any speed improvements we can get out of any new software. Give us about a week or so, and I think we should be able to bump up everyone's speed (assuming the speed improvements we have been hearing about are real/stable/usable). Even though you purchase a set H/s rate, we will like to pass on any significant speed improvements that come along. I wish other people providing cloud mining would do this as well. It is crazy to me that some other companies out there are charging about 2x ~ 3x what we are charging and are also unwilling to pass on any improvements to their current customers. That isn't right and gives the industry a bad name, I wish that behavior would stop.

With all the other cloud mining threads being such drama, this thread is really different in that it is rather peaceful. Yes, we had a few customers that there were some problems with, but everything worked out pretty good and for the most part everything is running pretty smooth. I have found for the most part, if you treat people good they treat you good in return (not always, but most of the time this is true). Some people like drama, but we are not big fans of it!

Just a quick note... I have had an idea for awhile now that I would like to do, but I am not even sure it is possible (due to regulations in the USA) is offer cloud mining, with some type of guarantee. That way, the purchase people make is protected against any possible losses. Now, this might cross into some type of investment product or something (and that might make it impossible to do), but this is something I would really like to offer if it is possible. I am not even sure if it is possible to do, but what do people think? If there was a way to purchase mining, and that purchase came with some type of performance guarantee against possible losses, does that sound cool to people? No one knows the future, but knowing the purchase couldn't loose and could only come out + would be pretty cool!

It seams weird to me that if you start to protect people's purchases, you might run into regulatory problems, but this might be the case. Right now, providing mining isn't subject to any regulations as you are only supplying computers, but if that is tied into some type of guarantee then you might step into some new regulations that might create problems. I am not even sure if in the USA this type of product can be offered, but to me it sounds like a good idea (who wouldn't want their purchase protected against any possible losses?). Anyways, just throwing ideas out there, if people think it is a good idea, I could try hashing it out with a lawyer and see what is possible.