- The Cheapest Cloud Based Zcash Mining!

With the recent development in the publicly available miners and the launch of Zcash in a few hours, I feel the time is right to exit from private mode and make our plans public:

First, let me get right to the point. With the launch of the site, we would like to beat any other price that is currently being offered:
3 Months – Between $29 and $32 per Sol/s (packages are between 1 and 25 Sol/s).
6 Months – Between $34 and $38 per Sol/s (packages are between 1 and 25 Sol/s).
12 Months – Between $39 and $44 per Sol/s (packages are between 1 and 25 Sol/s).

We have been doing private mining for years. In addition, the thought of opening up the mining to the public is an idea we have been entertaining for awhile. As you can see our domain was registered back in January of 2014, as we have been thinking about opening up our private mining since late 2013 (for about 3 years now). Now is the time to open it up to the public.

We have only recently made the website public. The only other presence we have had for online sales is we would use eBay to sell old equipment mining. You can view our eBay account here: managedminers_dot_com on eBay We have over 1,000 feedback, with 100% positive feedback. In the past we even sold mining on eBay, and believe it or not it actually worked pretty good (even with the threat of charge-backs).

We have been active on since 2013, going under the name dance191. You can view the trust of that account here: Login

Currently we have some publicly viewable bitcoin mining at (which is a great pool by the way, run by the cgminer devs). We mine under the username dance191 (the same name we use at Bitcointalk), we are currently #4 in the list of miners there. Right now we have about 175 S7s pointed there, for about 800 Th/s (give or take):
Username Hash Rate 5m
cashdc 1,623.52THs
jmww 1,134.75THs
cobramining 920.06THs
dance191 793.04THs

In the interest of full disclosure, if you mouse over the video on the main page it is called “ManagedMiners YouTube Data Center Stream”. The video was streamed live, we did some live streaming off and on for a few months (you can see a bunch of random test videos in our account over the past few months). However, the video that is playing there is currently not a live stream and is a few months old. The machine died that was doing the streaming and we never bothered to fix it. At some point in the near future we will resume the live streams, but for now the streams are not live.

As I mentioned earlier, with the recent release of a few publicly available miners, we now feel comfortable with revealing our plans to the public. Up until very recently, Jonathan had about the only decent miner but he has been unresponsive to working with us (Jonathan, we reached out to you buddy!). The group of miners in Central Washington is pretty small, but we now have a plan we feel very good about.

As you can see from the website, we have 3 packages (1 H/s, 5 H/s, 25 H/s) that are available for 3 different terms (3/6/12 months). All packages and terms offer volume discounts, with what we feel is a lot of flexibility on both the amount of hashing speed and the length of the term. However, everyone likes a good deal, so what we really want to focus on is price and making sure the customers are happy.

Now, a few things we want people to be aware of:

  1. Orders placed will start hashing within 1 week (168 hours) after the order’s payment has received 1 confirmation. If for some reason, and there is some horrible disaster, we will refund orders if they have not started hashing within 2 weeks (336 hours) after the order has received 1 confirmation. We do not anticipate any major problems, but we have to cover all bases. In addition, you will receive a refund in the amount of BTC that you paid, not the amount of USD you paid. So, if you paid 2.0 BTC, that is what you will get back, not the value in USD at the time of payment/refund.

  2. H/s = Sol/s. There is some confusion about this among people as the term H/s is somewhat left over from mining other coins. Really people should be using Sol/s but I think out of habit they like to use H/s. I just want to clarify this so there is no confusion.

  3. Currently, our plan is to take a rig and have it mine for you for some fraction of a day (basically everyone would have a timeshare on 1 machine). For example, say you purchase 25 H/s and say you end up mining on a rig that is 100 H/s. What is going to happen is you will mine at 100 H/s for ¼ of the day. 25 H/s = 2,160,000 hashes a day and that is what you will receive. We just want people to be aware they will probably receive those 2,160,000 hashes a day in under a day (this is especially true for the slower speed orders). Your speed will likely not be spread out evenly during the day. If there becomes something like a –load-balance option (like in cgminer, where we can split the hashing) then we will do our best efforts to spread out the hashing evenly during the day. In the end, this shouldn’t matter (as you simply get more speed for less time), as it all comes out the same. We just want people to be aware of this technical detail beforehand.

  4. In the event there is any outages that are our fault (due to a power outage, internet outage, etc), you will receive extra speed as soon as possible to make up for any missed hashes. So, for example, if you should get 1,000,000 hashes every day and one day you get only 800,000 due to an outage, you will receive 200,000 extra asap (1,200,000 in a day, rather than 1,000,000). This only covers outages that are our fault, we can not be held responsible for any pool outages.

  5. We reserve the right to rapidly change prices and or stop selling/limit sales at any time. We don’t have an infinite supply and we can only sell what we can supply. In addition, any bitcoin addresses are valid for only 1 hour after they are generated. If you pay after that time, we might reject your order so please pay within the hour.

We know a lot of people have had a bad experience with cloud mining. All we ask is people give us a chance. We will not let you down as we have been mining for years and know how to run a mine. We have lots of other plans in the works, but this will get the ball rolling.


2 Things.

First you are some month too late.
2end Your price dont beat GM in 1 year contract.

We sat very patiently while other providers were selling tons. We waited until we had a very realistic plan fleshed out. The site has been done for months actually.

Yes, 1 month ago a “cash grab” would be the time. But, that is not our purpose.

However, I do agree that a lot of the mining probably has already been sold. If there is still some interest at lower prices, great. If all of the interest was filled a month ago, there isn’t much we can do about that.

What is your math RE not beating GM? GM is $44.6/$43.1/$40.0 per 1 Sol/s for their 3 tiers on the 1 year contract. We are $44/$42/$39. So, not a ton cheaper, but cheaper.

12 Months – Between $39 and $44 per Sol/s (packages are between 1 and 25 Sol/s).

GM > 13 month 60 h/s → 2600 Your contract> 12 month > 44 x 60 -> 2640

If you compare our undiscounted small package to their larger discounted package, sure, we are more expensive. But, that hardly seams like a fair comparison :slight_smile:

Check out our large discounted package against their large discounted package (you might have missed it).

If you use the 25 H/s pricing (we give discounts for larger orders), it drops to $39 (not $44) per 1 H/s. So, $39 * 60 = $2340. Plus, you can get that pricing by spending only about 1/3 as much ($975 versus $2,600).

xfcash, thanks for your comments. The community has been burned a bunch, we expect people to be somewhat skeptical. Honestly, that we feel like is the hardest hurdle to get over. The technology, infrastructure, none of that is that hard or a big deal. We have built 3 data centers and are looking to build a 4th, we know what we are doing. However, getting the community to trust us I feel like will be the hardest thing. That is why I tried to put a lot of info into the first post.

No Bugs Here :slight_smile:

I ordered and paid 2 x “25 H/s For 12 Months” 2 hours ago but they do not appear in my account.

Your order page says “If you recently paid for an order in full, it may take up to 10 minutes for orders to show up here.” I emailed you but didn’t get an answer yet. Please LMK how long it takes…

How long will it take for me to received mined coins? Also, are there bulk purchase discounts?

Sorry, we have been working day and night setting up machines. There is a bug where in some cases orders are not getting into the system. We have not yet got to that bug, that is why we said to email us and let us know if it happens.

Paying in BTC is very trackable, no orders will get lost or anything. Ok, back to setting up machines now. We are working day and night, 7 days a week. The launch of Zcash has been crazy!

We will ask people for pool info very soon. Probably in about 36 to 48 hours from now. At that time, they will start getting speed at their pool. Then, the pool will handle the coins being delivered to them.

There are bulk purchase discounts. The 5 H/s are cheaper than the 1 H/s packages, the 25 H/s are cheaper than both the 5 H/s and the 1 H/s packages. In addition, the longer packages are cheaper per month, but more expensive overall (due to being longer).

You should have received a email response. Please let us know if you did not.

Ok, back to setting up machines!!!

oh God, 25 H/s For 6 Months - $850 ($34 per H/s), are you guys for real? with that kind of money i can get about close to 400sols/s for one month and come out with profits without waiting for 6 mths… seriously guys you need stop ripping off newbies…

Killsig, sorry you feel that it might take up to a week is a “joke”. We have been working day and night, the launch of Zcash has been crazy. If you would like a refund, that is 100% ok with us. We are trying to provide a service and if that service hasn’t started and you feel you bought something with incorrect info, I feel it is 100% good to give you a refund. Just email us and we are happy to provide a refund. Just a note, refunds to any address that sent us coins is easy. If you request a refund to a different address, we might have to have you jump through some hoops as we would need the account holder to prove they want the BTC sent to a different address.

Thanks all, back to work!!

If you feel you can do better, I suggest you offer the service. I see all of these Monday morning armchair quarterbacks. If you feel it is a rip off, I suggest you give it a try! If you can beat our prices, go for it! :slight_smile:

We have tons of money invested in data centers alone. That is just for electrical and cooling, nothing for miners, people, etc. It is much more complicated that just buying a GPU.

Honestly, it is like looking at a price of a house and saying: “WHAT? That is just a bunch of wood and paint, what a rip off!”

Ok, back to serious work now, I mean it this time!

More than 24 hours after the payment my order page still empty! Please check and update me

Hi Managedminers,

Same issue here, Ordered a 3 month Mining Pack, nothing showed up on my page,
I have sent you Two emails, Still waiting for a reply, Thank you

Username : raohmax

Hi all,

All orders should be in the system. There was a few people that we had to email for additional info, so if you didn’t see your order in the system please check your email and get us back with the info we requested.

Thanks all, have a good evening and we will be in touch soon!

Another day passed and my orders page still empty. I emailed you transaction IDs for both payments I made!

At ~$40 for 1H/s for 1 year this will cost your customers $1600 for 40H/s.

With our software at zogminer you can buy one $200 rx480 and get 40H/s until the card burns out.

Please make the community aware that they are buying your services for $35 per hash, while ~$5 dollars of that goes into hardware costs. I did not account for any auxiliary costs like electricity because it’s negligible compared to the service fee.

Are your services worth that much?

Oh Nathan (voxelot)… If the world was only that simple… And, that is some really bad rounding there. You are obviously a very smart and precise person, you can do much better than that.

The cards we use cost about $300 each once everything is said and done (RX 480 8GB). We are seeing 32.2 H/s poolside with them using your software. That comes out to $9.32 per 1 H/s for a video card alone (not anywhere close to the ~$5 you said). Now, what can you do with a video card alone? Nothing really. You also need a CPU, motherboard, hard drive, RAM, cabling, A PSU, net connection, etc and that still just gets you a functional computer. You still need power, cooling, rent, electrical contractors, permits, PUD install costs, build out costs, someone to setup and manage it all, someone to defend against misinformation online :), etc.

Oh, lets not also forget the other expenses such as we have donated about 15% of our sales to your project Nathan (Zogminer). I guess we shouldn’t have any money to help with open source projects, should we? You really shot yourself in the foot with this one. Yes, you didn’t know that we were one of your top donators (#2 last I had seen, and honestly I had prepared another good sized donation to easily put us at #1 before I had seen this), but cut us some slack man.

Again, this is the house = a bunch of wood and paint analogy. You can buy a GPU for X dollars (not $200 as Nathan says, thanks for the misinformation there), but that does not equal a fulling functional miner with all of the necessary support systems.

Nathan, if you can build a miner for $5 per 1 H/s in hardware costs and nothing for anything else (which I hate to break it to you, but that is where the real costs are, we are running about 30% of our expenses are hardware costs, with labor not even included in that number - with labor, hardware would be only about 20% of the costs), then please start a mining company and offer mining to the public. I encourage you to do so. Please, please, do so. That will be one hard lesson you will definitely learn a lesson from. If we are offering such a bad deal, please come by and offer something better. That is what we did, why don’t you do it as well?

Regarding “Are your services worth that much?”. Well, according to my calculations, 1 H/s right now would earn $111.95 in 1 year. We are charging between $39 and $44 for 1 H/s for 1 year. Now, no one knows where ZEC will be in 1 year (it might go up, it might go down), but based on the current conditions, I would say our services are worth much more than what we charge (which is why everyone else charges more). There is not a lot of times in life that for about $40 you will get back about $111 during the year. I would say our services are worth what we charge. I like to give you the benefit of the doubt and think you have simply been to busy to run the numbers for yourself.