May Zeal Call is in two weeks!

This month, we’ll cover The Markup - a ground-breaking nonprofit newsroom that investigates the impact of technology on society. The Markup’s investigations hold big tech accountable and empower everyone from elected officials to everyday citizens to better understand the role algorithms play in our lives. We’ll talk about some of the Markup’s tools such as Blacklight, Citizen Browser and SplitScreen.

GUEST SPEAKER: Joining us is Julia Angwin, Editor-in-Chief and Founder of the Markup. Julia is an award-winning investigative journalist and author. She was previously a reporter for ProPublica and The Wall Street Journal.

Date/ Time: Tues, May 25th, 17:00 UTC

Livestream Link: May Zeal - Special guest Julia Angwin discusses how data journalism can hold big tech accountable - YouTube

See you there.