Maya Protocol (THORChain fork) integration?!

Hey guys,
I’ve been reading up on the process of integrating Zcash into THORChain. Similar to Dash and Haven, the THORChain team decided halt the integration for now. It is probably a low priority, since nodes can vote on the next chain to add and they prefer big evm chains. However, there is a new project called Maya Protocol.

It is a friendly THORChain fork, meaning that it’s backwards compatible with THORChain and aims to be a complement of THORChain and not a competitor.

Besides that Maya is launching this month, they’re also focusing on different chains. They’ll have Bitcoin, Ethereum and THORchain during their launch, and Dash(!) and Kujira will follow the week after the launch. A few weeks later, Binance Smart Chain, Osmosis and Polygon will follow, and Cardano further down the line as well. Because of the integration of THORChain, swapping to all THORChain’s assets is available in a single tx (Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, BnB beacon, Doge, Avax, Atom).

It would also mean that Zcash would be available in Savers. Savers is single sided staking for native tokens and earn native tokens as yield. So earn native Zcash on your zcash!

I think it’s a great opportunity for Zcash to be integrated into Maya! Since the integration is already finished, the code can easily be migrated into Maya.

Do you guys share this opinion?

And who is the best person from the Zcash community to contact the Maya Protocol team?

Read more about Maya Protocol here: