Mining issue. Serious

The recent Coinbase decision is a red alert for the zcash network. POW+ASICS failed to decentralize the mining hashrate.
POS is now vital.


Imo, POS is more centralized than POW because exchanges, funds and staking pools hold the majority of coins. They typically end up proposing most of the blocks.


So you’re saying the fact that one entity controls 51% of the hash is not that big of a security issue at all? This now puts Zcash network at risk of attack.

There has never been any verified instances of a single entity or group controlling more than 51% of the total hash power of the Bitcoin network. This is a fundamental security concern for blockchain networks like Bitcoin, as a majority control of hash power could potentially lead to centralization and undermine the network’s integrity.

Zcash security relies on its decentralized nature… The 51% attack scenario involves a miner or group of miners controlling over 50% of the network’s computational power, which would give them the ability to potentially double-spend coins, block or reverse transactions, and disrupt the network’s normal operation. This is now possible with viaBTC controlling 51% of Zcash network.

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I am not saying this at all.

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Partially true, but most of the blocks will be < 51%