Mining Transaction Count affect on Total Zcash transaction count

In an exciting turn of events, Zcash has recently processed more total Shielded transactions than unShielded +partial shielded combined.

This had me wondering about why unshielded transactions remain so prevalent despite the increasing ease of using shielded. I recall that the Proof of Work mining implementation may be a culprit.

Is it true that all Mined ZEC are mined transparently?
(i.e. they are minted into the blockchain ledger via T2T transactions)

On a monthly basis, how many T2T transactions occur related to mining?

Do we have any open technical discussions about how to eventually support fully shielded mining?

In the future of Proof of Stake, will it be an explicit part of the implementation to support fully shielded validating/ staking?

via @BarrySilbert

The ability for shielded coinbase transactions has been around for a while, see here for some discussion:

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As a consensus rule, every transparent coinbase output can only be spent into a shielded pool, therefore transparent mining results into shielded transactions:


Thanks for the replies, so the running feedback is