Mining Z-Cash and Storjcoin simultaneously

Hi guys, theoretical question here: I currently mine Z-Cash with two NVIDIA GTX 1070 cards and leave my desktop rig running 24/7. I have several HD’s lying around and would like to support the SJCX network as well, plus make a little profit with my spare storage space. My thinking is that while the z-cash mining is taxing on the GPU’s and the power supply (650 watts), mining storj coin should only really be taxing on the external HD and minimally on the PSU to power the USB device. CPU is an i7 4770K, MB an MSI G45 gaming with 16GB DDR3. Would be using USB 3.0 external HD vs SSD.

Is it possible, is it recommendable, and have you tried doing it yourself? In theory would either mining process slow down/impair the other? Am I not accounting for overlapping taxation on the CPU, RAM, or MB?

Thanks greatly,

-Rollo Tomasi

GPU mining requires very little CPU resources so it is not unusual to consider mining a CPU friendly coin. I have an I7 4770 too and mine Zcoin on it while using the GPU’s for Zcash. When CPU mining I usually specify in the configuration one less CPU/thread than is supported by the processor to make sure there is no delay in CPU access for the GPU mining or any other activities on the machine. They other alternative is to lower the priority of the CPU mining task but it’s not easy to automate configuring the priority each time it starts.

I actually tried running the storj share software on one of my Windows (Claymore) mining rigs for a short while. It did seem to have an effect on GPU miner hash rate - I’m not sure why, but this was a rig with 6 GPUs and only a puny CPU. I think that storj likes to use your bandwidth if possible, so it may have been a problem of too much data causing stale shares? Anyway, I now use Linux based mining rigs on those AMD GPU miners and I’m not sure how to run storj on them so haven’t tried.

I do have another PC which has a single GTX1070, and a core i5 CPU on it which is ostensibly for gaming and HTPC but I do run Excavator on it to mine Zcash some of the time. It also has storj on it, running shares on one internal and one external drive but this machine seems to have no problems with all of that going at the same time.

So - considering you have a core i7 and only 2 GPUs, I think it may be OK with storj on it too.

It would be cool if bandwidth problem can be solved somehow. Than nothing shouldn’t stop creation of ultimate cryptocurrency mining machine. I mean GPU-CPU-HDD mining machine based on one mobo.
Remains only for considering the possibility of solar power and how to convert the heat from miner in the electricity.

We run 5TB of storage for STORJ on each mining rig. We also have a few rigs that run STORJ and BURST along with mining. These are all on Celeron G1840s or Pentium G3258s and we have seen 0 impact whatsoever to mining speed. The STORJ is on the 5TB Seagate external drives that you can see in this video.