MSI RX 470 stock bios

Hey. I have a problem. I lost files bios stock for my 3 cards. I have a file of 4 cards that I have uploaded all the cards. Please tell me if I’m doing well? How can I restore the stock bios do not have a file? Or someone has a well-edited file that can share?

Here you find some roms for the MSI RX470.
Make sure you have the matching memory brand.

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Thank you very much for your help !

If I have a samsung memory I can upload a version of Hynix?


You would brick your card.
The VBIOS is like a manual for the OS on how to use the graphics card.
If you flash the wrong manual, the computer won’t be able to use the card anymore.

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how do you know what mem you have without taking off the heatsink?

GPU-Z ? When i install hynix bios for samsung i have info that i have hynix memory :slight_smile:

And you brick your card.
Don’t do that!