My development fund proposal (with help from gpt chat)

Proposal for Economic Calendar and Decentralized Governance with Security Mechanisms for the Zcash Development Fund:

Percentage for the Development Fund:

  • Proposed Percentage: Allocate 10% of future mining rewards to the Zcash Development Fund.

Economic Calendar:

  • Objective: Every defined period (e.g., every 6 months), the community votes and sets a specific goal for Zcash development. This can include improvements in privacy, scalability, usability, among other aspects.

  • Allocation of Development Fund:

    • The entire development fund is directed towards the goal set in the economic calendar during the stipulated period.
    • Projects proposed by the community must align with the chosen goal and undergo rigorous evaluation before receiving funding.
  • Flexibility and Evaluation:

    • After each period of the economic calendar, the community reviews progress and decides whether to maintain the same goal, switch to a new goal, or adjust focus.
    • Any change in the goal requires a new community vote.

Decentralized Governance with Security Mechanisms:

  • Decision-Making Process:

    • Implementation of a decentralized governance system based on blockchain, where Zcash holders have active voting rights.
    • Each holder has one vote, but the amount of Zcash held determines the weight of the vote.
    • Establishment of a maximum vote limit per holder (e.g., 100 votes).
    • Requirement of Zcash staking as collateral to participate in the voting process.
    • Identity verification to participate in the voting process.
  • Transparency and Accountability:

    • Creation of a transparency portal where all funds raised, funds allocated to projects, and project progress can be tracked.
    • The portal provides real-time or slightly delayed (e.g., one month) information to ensure transparency and trust in fund management.
  • Additional Funding:

    • Additional funding is only granted in cases of exception and criticality, when an urgent or emergency project needs to be addressed outside the scope of the economic calendar.

With these combined elements, the aim is to ensure fair, transparent, and secure governance for the ongoing development of Zcash, actively involving the entire community.

Thanks for posting something like this.

I posted this to show my ideas, I used the gpt chat just to structure my thoughts. I believe there is something interesting that could help improve Zcash, but I think that the fact of adding gpt chat made people not care much about the ideas.