My Grant Application

this is a problem for almost 4 years, we need the greatest minds in crypto to fix this. so i got together a superstar team.
We are a group of 4 people, 30 years of experience combined.

SexDrugs&Zcash: 8 years of critical thinking
Dobext55: 7 Years of writing emails
JackDebinson: 10 years of reading emails
Mtx: 5 years of creating grants

i (SexDrugs&Zcash) will think about the strategy.
Dobext55 will write email to CoinMarketCap and ask them to fix the Supply of Zcash on their page,
JackDebinson will read their answer email and shortly explain me what they wrote,
then i will think about it deeply and tell Dobext55 what he should answer.
Mtx designed this Grant.

all we ask is 500,000$ for each email that we create out of thin air and send
until the Supply of Zcash is finally fixed on CoinMarketCap

the real supply should be under 15,000,000

P.S. JackDebinson is Snowden

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Psh, Iโ€™ll do it for half that price!

Let the bidding wars begin!