Need to talk to someone from ZCorp

Hey guys, sorry if the question doesn’t fit into an existing category. I tried to pick the appropriate category.

I have a few questions regarding the ZEC network itself and a few minor security concerns regarding mainnet’s network implementation. Need to disclose them properly and help the devs or whomever responsible for the network maintenance, will also be evaluating the wallet’s protocol’s security from the network side “the TCP/IP” as I am planning on running ZEC node instances on all of my servers. but before I do that I need to feel comfortable that I wont be getting any DDoS attacks.

Can someone tell me who to contact ?! I am doing this as a volunteer so I am not asking for anything in return, I don’t think the devs are concerned at this point since I am still evaluating the mainnet IP address from outside, so the maintainer (sysadmin) who is responsible for this IP address is the one to contact, but couldn’t find any abuse/postmaster email for that IP.

Thanks and sorry if my English is a bit bad.

Hi, you can reach out to the team regarding security concerns at

If you’d like to protect your communications, you can find the security PGP key at the bottom of this page: Security Information - Zcash