Negative transparent balance due to lost transactions

Can somebody explain why my transparent balance become negative in blockchain explorer?
At the same time in my wallet I see zero balance.
Is this is a bug or a normal situation ?

Hi @Kuzbekov - that is a bug on Zchain’s side; probably a transaction that failed to sync to the DB for some reason.

I’ll look into it and get back to you ASAP - don’t worry, your wallet is fine.

In addition i found another specified missed transactions in

Looks like main zcash blockchain explorer have some troubles with chain sync :confused:

Do you have a plan when you going to fix that problem or it`s too complicated ?
I found other thread with same problem. For example: Where block ?! WTF ?!

This issue should be fixed. For anyone building a Zcash block explorer in the future I recommend using the Zcash Bitcore fork (if that’s up-to-date), syncing the blockchain state with SQL is complicated and rather slow.