Network design (block size, flextrans / segwit)

Hello Zcash community.

If there are any developers around, I would like to ask about what is the scaling philosophy for (future) expansion of the network.

If the story similar to Bitcoin Core - will you try to limit the number of transactions, maximize node count and create a restricted settlement layer, or is ZCash going to be cash - in other words, do you focus on satisfying user needs or maximizing node count for security?

I’ve never considered looking at anything else than Bitcoin in the last 4 years, but the current direction is going to kill it for all use cases I care about (monetary). For the first time I’m willing to consider the argument that Bitcoin actually can be outcompeted for the status of money and I’d like to know how the team running the development views this question.

Thanks a ton if anyone is going to answer this.



I’m not an employee of ZcashCo, but from everything I can tell the goal is to make it usable as cash, not a settlement layer.

Work is underway to drastically cut down the resource use and improve the speed of shielded private transactions in zcash, and the core team is exploring various options to scale in the future such as SegWit and FlexTrans and other block size scaling techniques.

So I think you’re in the right place! :slight_smile: