New pool [ZEC][ZCL] mining pools

NEW POOL FOR MINING ZEC-ZCL - Zcash [ZEC] - Zcash classic [ZCL]

FEE 0%, Min. payment 0.1 (zec) - 1.0 (zcl)

GO GO to mining ZCL :slight_smile:

Fee - 0%
Payments - PPLNS
Location - Europa

mining UP UP :))

Good News! Pool added protection from pool hopping, time interval 2.5 hours to get the full amount of payments.


Node for mine Zclassic (ZCL)

Europe -
Asia -


Update graph - FOUND BLOCKS

Update REWARDS STATISTIC in account page

Example: - Updated statistics, added IMMATURE BALANCE

Zclassic ZCL - $ 7^ go to mine :clap:

Europe - ssl://
China - ssl://
USA - ssl://

Zclassic ZCL - $ 9.65^ - POOL FEE 0% all year 2017 :tada:

Zclassic ZCL - $ 10.65^

Hi, to everyone.

I'm planning to create a new ZEC pool, so at the moment I need to test my pool server...
There is someone that help me to take te test?

Fee: 0% for all the test time!

The address is: stratum+tcp://
Login user: yours zcash t-address
Password: none

And the frontend is

Thank's a lot to everyone wonna help me with this test.