New ZF tech hire!

Here’s the original blog post.

Chelsea Komlo has joined the Zcash Foundation as a core engineer and researcher. Chelsea has worked as a software engineer on cryptography protocols and large-scale distributed systems, including at ThoughtWorks and HashiCorp. She is currently a graduate student at the University of Waterloo, where she focuses on privacy-enhancing technologies and cryptography research.

Her interests lie at the intersection of networking and consensus protocols, modern cryptography such as post-quantum schemes, and systems to improve user privacy on the internet. Her past research has involved improving the security of threshold signature schemes used in practice and designing protocols to enable scaling anonymity networks.

Chelsea is a core Tor member and has contributed to numerous other privacy-related open-source projects. She has also worked in a number of countries, including India, Hungary, and Ecuador, and speaks French and Spanish (sometimes accidentally at the same time). She is passionate about inclusivity in technology and reaching users at a global scale.

At the Foundation, Chelsea will contribute to both protocol design and implementation, and is looking forward to collaborating with researchers and engineers alike. She is excited to work with the Zcash Foundation to help advance the state of privacy in digital monetary transactions for everyone.


Where are @paige and @elisehamdon ? No longer active on forum and not showing on team page. Will they join ZF?


Both have left ECC. As for their future plans, they’ll have to speak for themselves if they wish to :slight_smile:

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Hopefully this time without lawsuites …

Now seriously, is there any shifting of staff btw the ECC and the foundation ongoing or planned?

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:disappointed_relieved: well that sucks! They will both be missed! :purple_heart:

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Well, ZF hired @gtank. But “planned” would be the wrong word. It’s more like, if it’s a good fit, then we’re open to the possibility.

In general, the pool of ex-ECC people is small and idiosyncratic. What the individuals even want to do next varies quite a bit.

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