Newbie Mining questions

Hi, I there I just got my hands on a brand new Asus turbo 1080ti and decided to mine with it. However, I have few questions which I like to be answered

  1. Is it worth using Nicehash ? Nicehash is currently showing me a profit of $2.8 dollars. I am getting around 660 sol/s on nicehash miner. By using 3rd part mining software like ewbf miner with nicehash legacy I am getting 700sol/s. Should I stick mining with nicehash miner or with legacy or should I mine with a pool ? Which one will be more profitable ?
  2. What is the optimum overclock setting for asus turbo 1080ti ?Electricity cost isnt a problem for me. I just want to get maximum hashrate without frying my card. I have tried following settings Power limit 100%, Core clock +150, Memory clock +650, Fan 80%. After OC, I am getting 740sol/s but the temp hits 75 celsius. What is the temp limit for this card.

IMO you should stick with Nicehash seeing you have only 1 card, Nicehash will give you max profits for now. I would stick with those settings but lower the power by 5% until you get the temps you want, anything below 70.

Nicehash is ok for just 1 card and it can auto mine many currencies. For zec DSTM miner often gets the best hash. Perhaps lower the power to 90% that may lower the temps.

If you look on Nicehash LONG term you will be on lose.
Not to mention the latest issues Nicehash had :smiley:


For GPU and CPU mining, there is nothing easier to use than NiceHash. For someone starting out I would recommend them getting their feet wet there then jump into a single coin pool mining. Learn how it works, get a feel for the process, how much your system can produce and look at your power bill after 30 days to see if this is for you.

As for the the issue they had, they had an employee who made a critical & very expensive mistake; however to my knowledge NiceHash has paid back every single $$.

As for me, since they’ve been back online I’ve made $400+ pointing my low end machines and cpu’s to them.