Nighthawk Wallet now available on F-Droid!

F-Droid is an installable catalogue of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) apps for Android, it is a community-run free software project developed by a wide range of contributors.

Privacy and Freedom pursuing individuals who don’t want Apple/Google control over their personal data and how it’s used when downloading & managing installed apps, now have an option to get @NighthawkWallet via automated, signed builds directly from F-Droid.

We’ve enabled AutoUpdateMode to make available Nighthawk Android updates immediately upon every release. Builds will be signed by F-Droid after pulling the latest tagged release from Nighthawk’s GitHub repository.

Additionally, Nighthawk Wallet was verified to not include Anti-Features.
Anti-Features are flags packagers apply to apps, warning of possibly undesirable behaviour from the user’s perspective, often serving the interest of the developer or a third party.

Several contributors, including @gmale 's support was instrumental in removing the non-free/Google dependencies from the wallet codebase. We thank everyone including linsui(F-Droid reviewer via GitLab) to help get Nighthawk Wallet published on F-Droid Store.

Thanks to @ZOMG for funding @NighthawkWallet to deliver financial privacy & freedom to everyone in the world.


Awesome :slight_smile: Will be helpful for people who want to de-google. What kind of notification system are you using for it? The main thing that makes me worried about de-googling is battery life with non-FCM notifications.

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There isn’t a notification system per-se in Nighthawk. The Firebase dependencies were stripped out long back and we do not intend to add dependency on Google services. For now, the wallet only syncs when the user opens it, thereby reducing information leaks when connecting via non-secure networks. We will continue our research and development towards improving UX and privacy for Nighthawk users.