November 12 ECC Livestream Agenda

Hi all.

We have an extremely full agenda for the upcoming Electric Coin Company live stream on the 12th of November at 10am 10:30am mountain time (17:30 UTC). We have a lot to share about our current work and the path ahead!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Why we’re bullish on Zcash adoption
  • Our incredibly heavy BHAGs
  • ECC’s Weird Science
  • Zcash Unleashed
  • ECC flight plan
    • R&D and Engineering
    • Regulation, Adoption and Demand
  • The dev fund and implications
  • Tying things together, a story
  • Q&A

We did a walk through as a team today. I’m excited to share all this with you. It’ll run 90-100 minutes depending on the amount of questions we receive. We’ll posts links for both the livestream and place to log questions soon.


Hey everybody! Tune in for this a little more than an hour from now!

You won’t want to miss it. :slight_smile:


I might be able to catch some of it on my lunch break idk, drat, its gonna be awesome!

Correction to what Josh originally said: the YouTube stream will start at 10:30 MT (17:30 UTC).

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Good so far. Needs more Halo though :slight_smile: