O(1) Labs Pickles

When Halo??? :slight_smile:


Pickles is built upon most of the Halo components!


Any idea how fast it is? Like how long to prove a 100k circuit, how long to verify, etc?

Wondering how coda is able to deploy Halo components before we did. Am i missing something? Snapps is cool. Would we ever have that on Zcash.

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Same as everything else. They give the tech away and then complain about getting paid in ZEC. Had they received value in return there would be fewer complaints.

Note that Coda hasn’t actually launched yet. They are still developing on a testnet, which is where Pickles has been deployed to. There’s much less risk in deploying Halo-based tech (which is comparatively new) in that context, and they also don’t need to worry about breaking specific use cases or the network as a whole.

I think Pickles using Halo components is great! It shows that other teams have confidence in the underlying Halo architecture, and means more technical and cryptographic eyes are committing to looking at Halo (which it needs!) and building on it (which we can also use!)


Thanks @str4d for responding. Is there a timeline/roadmap or list of blockers we have for putting Halo into zcash codebase?