Official mobile wallets with Z-addresses support

I remember talks and plans about some protocol improvements which will allow developing secure lightweight and fast mobile wallet.
Having official opensource mobile wallet would greatly help real world adoption.
Why I want to see OFFICIAL mobile wallet?

  1. Because I don’t trust 3-rd party.
  2. Because to develop 3-rd party mobile wallet (or integrate ZEC into existing mobile wallet) good official example is needed anyway.

As I know, all necessary protocol improvements have already been done and even some official “reference” wallet was being developed.
So what with official secure and lightweight ZEC wallet with Z-addresses support?
Where (or when) will I be able to download and use it?


So can anyone answer my questions? Are we going to see official mobile wallet with Z-addresses support? And if yes then when?

Hi @gglpnh I guess it depends on what you mean by “official”, is only ECC supported considered “official” or is Zcash Foundation also considered official? Both the Foundation and ECC are supported by the the same Founders reward so I don’t see much of a difference, they simply have different teams making different parts of the ecosystem.

The Zcash Foundation has been supporting ZecWallet lite client, which already has an Android (and soon iOS) companion app. And when the Reference mobile wallet code is ready there will likely be a fully mobile version too.

However, if you only consider a ECC released and supported wallet to be “official” then the answer is no, the ECC will not be releasing a app for you to download from the app store. They have said several times they are only building the backend (reference wallet), not the user facing part.

In fact the ECC has been working hand-in-hand with @adityapk00 who is the primary ZecWallet developer. The ECC is even merging pull requests from the ZecWallet developer to thier own GitHub reference wallet, which blurs the line of what “official” means even further.


I’m around for a long time already but I still don’t know the difference between Zcash Foundation and ECC. For us, users it is same. From my simple point of view - official is what is posted on site. So I’ll be happy to see reliable and secure official wallets on site and it does not matter ECC or Foundation is behind it.
So… when are we going to see ready to use PC light wallet and mobile wallet? Any assumptions?

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You can download ZecWallet, desktop lite wallet now and start using Zcash in 5 minutes:

My guess is first quarter next year the full (not remote) mobile wallet will be completed.


Glad to hear your perspective on this @gglpnh. Hopefully the ECC and Foundation take your feedback into consideration and will make Zecwallet Lite a more obvious option on their site(s). Just use common sense when securing your wallet data and it should work out fine. Unfortunately, hardware wallet support for z2z is still sorely lacking which personally has driven me away from interacting with the economy/recent voting process(es).

Have a good one.

I downloaded and used lite wallet from recently and it works great. Lacking some features, but a lite client with shielded (z) addresses and works as advertised. On Mac works well.

I have also downloaded it and going to test.

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By the way, why not add ZEC mobile wallet to android market? Is this impossilble? This would be a nice thing for users and good advertsment.
Don’t know about others, but I’ll definitely be happy to download and use official ZEC wallet from android market.
If it’s not too hard, why not add simple but reliable and secure mobile wallet to the market?

That same website has links to an android wallet.

I have not yet tried it, but it seems to be something different. There is an option in windows light wallet to connect it to some mobile wallet and there is some “android wallet” reference with words " Securely Connect your Android phone to your desktop Zecwallet". I don’t yet know what it is but it does not look like real full-featured independent mobile wallet.

Anyway, later when I’m free from work I’ll try everything and leave feedback.

That’s correct, the Android app is only a “companion” to the desktop application, you can’t run it on its own. It allows you to connect with a ZecWallet you have running at home.

Hopefully early next year there will be stand-alone mobile wallets that don’t require a desktop application.

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