Official Shielded Support for Zcash In Ledger HW Wallet

Thank you @ZcashRabbi we are trying to make sure that the new app is available for as many devices as possible. At the moment we’re facing issues with NanoX.

We are trying to finalice this as soon as possible, we’re eager to have this app released. We’re collaborating with several wallets to help them integrate this app and have provided an initial documentation to help on the integration. Here we have published a wallet integration guide.


We have also worked on the Ledger app for Namada. An initial version is already available on Ledger Live. However we’re still working on an upgrade that will implement MASP (Multi Asset Shielded Pool),



When I was reading this I was under the impression the airdrop was only available to coins in the shielded pool.


This is wonderful news. Thank you for adding shielded support!

In my opinion, it was a big mistake to ever direct Zcash users to use hardware wallets before shielded support was ready.

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@ainhoa-zondax Hi any updates on the progress of this?


@ainhoa-zondax update? Also, when Orchard support, since the app supports only Sapling pool?


Hi @zkcroc @ywalletfan, I’d like to share an update with you and the rest of the community.

First and foremost, we are still actively working on the application and are committed to overcoming any obstacles that arise as we move towards the public release. We were in the final stages of release, but during our internal functional review, we identified a few issues that have since been addressed.

During this time we have also simplified the JS library to streamline the integration process. While helping other teams to integrate with the app we realised that the codebase is difficult to maintain. This lead us to conversations with the ECC to provide a migration path for users relying on this library. This will facilitate integration with wallets, such as Zashi. While we plan to ship the initial app with ZEC wallet support we expect to facilitate the path to other wallets.

Due to recent changes in the app, we will need to conduct a delta audit. We have already coordinated with the auditors to schedule this.

While the current application does not support Orchard, we would like to address this once the initial app has been released.

I hope I can provide you with a concrete timeline in the next weeks. I’m really sorry for the delay and we keep working hard to getting this released as soon as possible.