Official Shielded Support for Zcash In Ledger HW Wallet

Thank you for sharing this @nicolas-ledger .

Undoubtedly, Ledger has been and remains a key actor in the crypto ecosystem. I am thankful for the product your company has built.

I can see very clear pros and cons to using your devices, which I have elaborated on previously already so no need to go over all of those. That is aside from one: locked ecosystem.

I happen to be one of the people that have ZEC tokens locked in your devices. This is utterly unacceptable to me. I’m not part of ZF, or ECC or anyone you have already spoken to. I am just a user, stuck, because I have decided to trust you. Yes I know one supposedly can use recovery key, but I am not in such position. Maybe I lost it, maybe it’s planted in some desert island, it doesn’t matter, fact is funds should never be stuck on devices you produce. Thankfully people here have been working very hard to get people like me unstuck. I really wish it wouldn’t have had to be that way and Ledger would have been the one taking ownership of the problem.

Point is: I must repeat that, in general, I am very thankful for the work being done at Ledger. However the current direction taken is one where trust is becoming more part of the equation. I wish it would be the opposite. Hopefully it will be in the future.

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Thanks for the acknowledgment.

Yep I get you, this is a different thing and I am sorry to hear that those situations happen. However I want to highlight that apps are submitted by third party are audited and the report is always reviewed by our security team. We work a lot with Zondax and we are very grateful for their work, especially in this case. However we will always not trust & verify !

Indeed looking forward to see all those issues behind us :saluting_face:


Hi @nicolas-ledger , if you are indeed an inside person at ledger, can you please shed some light for the community as to the release date for the zcash app?

Everything looks ok for the app and audit.
It’s now being tested with the wallet, I can’t commit on a date as we are still testing if there is no issue with those test it should in the coming week.


how’s the progress @nicolas-ledger any news or updates?


@nicolas-ledger any updates?

4-8 weeks away


Hello Zcash community, apologies for the recent silence, we’ve been actively engaged behind the scenes. I’m excited to share an update on the Zcash-shielded Ledger App with you all.

  1. Ledger Official Review: this process is in progress, Ledger is committed to put resources to review this integration. Ledger is actively reviewing the app and it’s going well except for the support on the Nano X device. See point below.

  2. Issues on Nano X: Nano X device is not a development device and it’s not possible to test on this device until Ledger has deployed the app on a testing environment. We have been recently able to test through this testing environment and we have encounter some issues due to computation time. On the Nano X device there is a watchdog which causes a reboot after 30 seconds of device “inactivity”. This issue is not specifically related to Bluetooth connectivity, neither on how the information is processed. We are confident to be able to find a solution for this. However, debugging on this device takes more time because every time we do changes we need to wait Ledger to deploy those changes on their testing environment.

  3. Engagement in Collaborative Efforts we have been active in collaborating with other teams, such as Zingo, to facilitate the integration of this new app. We have also recently spoken to ECC and are really looking forward to have integration of Ledger wallet support in their upcoming wallet, Zashi. We are committed to offering our support and expertise to address any queries that may emerge during this integration process.

  4. Wallet integration Guide: Based on the experience collected, we have been working on a generic high level integration guide, and are happy to share the first version here


I have to upgrade from a ledger nano s, what should I buy for the fastest operation? Nano s plus?

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Hi @zkcroc Nano S Plus is by far the best device at the moment.


Thanks for the update!

Has there been any progress with Trezor?

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Hi @zkPete we’re not involved on any development regarding Trezor, so I am unable to offer any updates in this regard.


was there an opportunity to test on the new Ledger Stax?


To my knowledge, no. :confused:

Many of Zcashers got trezors with hopes and dreams. :frowning:

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Hi @Boggerster yes! We are also currently running tests on stax. The firmware of this device is still receiving upgrades before official release and we are making the necessary adjustments.


does this mean we can expect shielded zec support ond the ledger HW wallets?

Yes! Absolutely. We are currently running some tests to understand some issues on the NanoX device, but the application has already been submitted to Ledger for review and it has been audited.


Well done @ainhoa-zondax :clap: and thank you for your hard work.

Do you have an rough date as to when Ledger plans to launch it?

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Will this be finished before the Namada airdrop?

It would be a huge security problem if everybody moved their funds over to a mobile wallet just to get the airdrop.

If I have to move my coins out of my hardware wallet for whatever airdrop just isn’t worth it…

edit: only works on nanox device?

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if you have your ZEC on a HW wallet you are probably not holding shielded ZEC.

so no need to move funds, just claim it with the HW wallet then.

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