One step to a freer internet in China and Hong Kong

We are proposing a new method to integrate ZCash together with several other stack of technologies(DoH, WebRTC, Shadowsocks, etc.). It a cocktail strategy rather than a whole new “protocol” from scratch. The crypto part is critical building block because it’s the huge obstacle to hinder netizen behind the Great Firewall inside China to access free information.

We wish our idea to be supported by the community given the pandemic is much a problem from censorship and has tortured everyone in the world. Even there’s no strong support from ZF per se, we still wish our community understand the relevance of such a project.

Your comments and challenges are highly welcomed and appreciated. We are a team from several locations under the hood, but we will dedicate to realize it. ZF Grants - Poke a hole on Great Firewall in China, now Hong Kong

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There’re several reference link that we can’t put it in one piece, but critical to understand the background of the project:

Hi @pompei thanks for posting your proposal here as well.

Unfortunately ZOMG had to decline funding due to a lack of any responses from you regarding questions we asked (until today) and your declining KYC details.

I realize that it seems unusual that Zcash, which is a privacy coin, has a KYC requirement. This is because the Zcash Foundation is a registered non-profit organization in the USA. Zcash Foundation is legally required to show who is receiving any funds from Grants due to IRS rules.

Hopefully you can find support elsewhere for your project, it looks interesting.

I’d also add that if you’re able to go through the KYC process, you can always resubmit your proposal, though we may have more questions.