Opening Applications for the Second Round of ZF Minor Grants

Congratulations to everyone who got their proposal accepted!
This round was so good, congrats to ZCAP members, that must have been a tough choice.
See you guys on the next round!


Wow! I got 54 votes! Not bad at all!
Thanks to everyone who trusts in my work :heart:


Congratulations to those selected!

And thanks to all who supported us and voted for Zcast!

We keep on building! :muscle:


Congratulations guys! Let’s keep making Zcash better and better! Thanks to ZCAP members who voted, I’m sure this wasn’t easy


Congratulations to those chosen! Everything is because Zcash continues to grow :heart:


Congratulations to those whose projects were approved, we move. Thanks all for the support.

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:partying_face: Congrats to all the winners, it seems lightwalletd and associated wallets are top priority to most voters.

I wish more community oriented grants were funded however so I would like to propose an alternative form of counting votes. Stated simply, take the raw vote counts, and fund the top 5 – subject to fund CAP. Here is a screenshot showcasing my idea.

I think it looks odd that we cant even fund stuff up to the cap with the current way of voting? Thank you for your time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


my view is the communities should be asking for donations and crowdsourcing. we should not be allocating money needed for blockchain development, POS, wallets, etc etc for anything else at this time. block rewards are “forced” donations and should be going to core blockchain development. we have a massive hill to climb and there isn’t any extra.

i’d like to see the organizations work together and pool resources for important blockchain improvements. these community projects create more selling pressure on zec and don’t do much of anything to create buying or create transaction volume.

seeing zcash as an option on ledger or trezor or a metamask wallet will do more for consumer awareness

Congratulations to all the winners!
Thank you all for the 36 votes in favor of the proposal to create the Brazilian Alliance for Privacy. Thank you to everyone who sent their feedback and participated in the preparation of our proposal at meetings, twitter spaces etc.

Congratulations to all the ZCAP members who voted and the proposals that participated in this edition of Minor grants.


Thank you to everyone who voted for my proposed Zcash Metrics and Analytics Dashboard! :slightly_smiling_face:

It was only 2 votes short of the 59 votes approval threshold. Since there is substantial community support I’m considering submitting a regular ZCG proposal.


In the ecosystem, the community is EVERYTHING. And that includes development, which is very important, but also marketing and outreach.

What’s the point of having a powerful and flawless development, if you don’t spread it or teach its usability and application in daily life and with practical examples?

Yes, development is necessary, but it is also necessary to promote educational initiatives, because otherwise Zcash will always be seen as complicated or only accessible to advanced users.

There must be a balance in what is supported from within the community, from the ZCAP.

In Latin America not everyone wants an option to Ledger or Trezor. People need to learn how to use the wallets, understand the underlying technology of Zcash and solve the cash and payment methods issues. And that is taken care of by the educational options that emerge within the community.

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Interesting proposal, and I agree!

It would be very interesting for ZCAP itself to come up with other options.

It even occurs to me to separate the grant categories into two: one for development proposals and one for educational and marketing proposals, because both paddles drive the boat that is Zcash. Zcash cannot move forward properly if one of the two oars is stronger or more developed than the other.


the community is not supporting anything if we define community the same way as voting and governance. zec holders are funding 100%. outside community =0.

my proposal is for the community to step up and match zec holder funding by crowdsourcing or donations.

you are right we need more oars. zec holders can’t fund it all.

great idea! make it more clear on marketing vs core blockchain and then let’s have the community grab an oar and help fund marketing while holders grab the core blockchain development oar.

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