Zcash Foundation Grant Program

In case you missed it, the Zcash Foundation announced a Grant Program last week and submissions are still open! The Foundation is planning on disbursing $80,000 in ZEC for community ideas. First deadline is September 15th to open a GitHub issue to discuss your proposal idea. Check out the details here:


Grant awardees have been selected! Check more here:


Didn’t hear of this when it was first announced. Anyone know if there are plans to award additional grants next quarter?

The Foundation is definitely planning on future grant programs—using this inaugural program and its results as a baseline for comparison. We’re not sure about timeline for the next series of grants but we’ll definitely be communicating it widely—I’m sorry you didn’t hear about this quarter’s program! (though that’s good feedback that we need to cast a wider net)


Fantastic news! A special thank you to everyone involved with the Zcash Foundation and of course the wider community here.

Really looking forward to getting fully started with my project and achieving our mutual goals for enabling true financial privacy and hopefully exceeding community expectations.

On a personal note, I would like to reiterate how the ongoing Zcash Foundation Grant Program will continue to provide excellent opportunities for applicants and their Zcash related projects in the future. I’m certainly proud to have a successful project in this inaugural funding round.

:zcash: :heart_eyes:


what happened with this? have any of these projects been completed?

This one at least…https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.guarda.zec
Although I have been using Coinomi since Nov 2016


Thanks for that shout out @Ecoinomical and fair question @kek. The grants were fully transferred toward the end of December and the grant recipients are not (strictly) required to post any updates on their projects until their full report six months afterward. I’ve pinged them to ask for more public updates as well, though that wasn’t a strict requirement—for the next grant program we will stipulate more frequent updates.

In addition to Gaurda’s app, you can find additional discussion after they received an award in the GitHub issue here:

Coincentrix also provided an update on their activities in February on the Zcash Foundation general email list:

I expect to receive more updates on the GitHub issues and Zcash Foundation mailing list, and will definitely promote links and summaries here and on the blog when the final reports are available.