P2P-level attack on Dandelion++ on Monero and how to prevent it on Zec

As you probably know, Monero users are getting their their transaction correlated and personal details dragnetted out on a daily basis now.

This shows how critical is the “forgotten layer” (p2p) of blockchain to privacy coins. ZF has already published a blog about it - Assessing Mixnet Production-Readiness - zcash foundation . Unfortunately for us, the ideal contender for a private broadcast protocol (a high-latency mixnet) likely will never be developed as there are simply no other applications outside of transaction broadcasts that justify the time and effort needed.

I would personally recommend funding the development of such mixnet through the grants system - even though it will likely to be a “capital-scale” project involving at least half a dozen people.


Can you please provide references for this?

We know that various attacks are possible in principle, but I wonder what’s known about p2p-level deanonymization attacks/analysis already underway.

I got in trouble with the temporary community mods for posting the link to the site - so follow the white rabbit - https://twitter.com/fireice_uk/status/1324979665153499136 :slight_smile: