Proposal: Extend ZecHub Bounty program into 2024

Hi everyone, ZecHub wishes to extend it’s bounty program into 2024.


Name of Project: ZecHub open-source education hub for Zcash

USD ($) amount requested: $7000

Grant Description:

ZecHub creates education material for Zcash. Our mission is to create engaging and informative content for the wider crypto space that both teaches real world Zcash usage through tutorials & provides a repository of knowledge through the ZecHub Wiki. This grant proposal intends to extend the existing ZecHub treasury amount reserved for bounties.

ZecHub harnesses the talent and enthusiasm of both Zcash community members & Web3 contributors. Our bounty program issues ZEC for completed tasks such as research, documentation and design work. At present we have budgeted a sufficient amount to see through the project to its final milestone ending in December.

We update the community on a monthly basis with itemised work completed, hold open weekly sync meetings to discuss progress & bi-monthly treasury reports for the DAO.
ZecHub generally distributes ZEC evenly over time. DAO proposals can be made by anyone who wishes to actively guide our direction or suggest educational projects.


ZecHub has successfully showcased a grassroots and community led project. It allows people from across the globe an ability to earn ZEC, demonstrating & encouraging viability of Zcash as peer-to-peer payment.

Providing a means of wider distribution & access to the dev fund is also a key reason the ZecHub Bounty program has proved highly productive.

The project is currently able to reach a small audience, there is opportunity for us to attract developers, writers and designers to join the mission and broaden ZecHub’s scope to cater toward the wider privacy ecosystem, offering Zcash payments to other, aligned communities if given an opportunity to extend the project.

At a future point ZecHub may wish to acquire funding external to the Zcash Development Fund & become self sustainable.


Supplementing the Bounty Program will allow ZecHub to continue operations into mid 2024, allowing for planning and preparation of larger projects in advance.
Improving the quality of content released is a growing necessity if we are to find a larger audience, seeking longer duration tasks and quality contributions will be less challenging if our Treasury is able to accommodate for it.


  • The ZecHub Core Contributor Team role’s are to maintain operations and services for the DAO and Bounty Program.

  • The DAO is an advisory body that is required for any major changes, such as changes to bounty program, governance or decisions related to funding projects outside the scope of regular weekly tasks. As a community driven project, the DAO must be able to raise proposals and vote.

Final thoughts:

We are very much hoping to extend the project! This may be an opportune time, considering the low price of ZEC now would allow us to issue a great deal more tasks in future when (hopefully) adjusting for future prices.

Interested to hear feedback on the proposal!


Excellent proposal!!!

This will help education and encourage more participation!!!

There is a lot to do, and ZecHub is one of the fundamental tools to expand the outreach…

Education is fundamental!!!


ZecHub has become an indispensable part of the Zcash ecosystem.

I trust in the good judgment of ZCAP to approve this, so necessary.

And we continue to support the ZecHub! :fire: :fire: :fire:


Great proposal and I must say this will definitely impact the Zcash Community and ZecHub community positively. Keep up the good work :rocket::rocket:


I can’t support this enough! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: (all the likes that don’t fit in the system)


Excited for the community to hopefully further this great idea. :student: :hot_pepper:


i tink ZecHub has been real gud for community and education.
so 7k is fair - maybe even too little.


I strongly corroborate with this idea and I must say this is definitely one of the best that can be done in the Zcash Community. Educating the public about Zcash will definitely help to increase more adoption for Zcash. Thanks for sharing this great insight!!


FYI, we did not receive an application for this proposal via the Zcash Grants Hub.

I’ve asked @decentralistdan to reach out to the Zechub folks to find out what happened.

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Thank you for reaching out, please check your DM!