Opening Applications for the Second Round of ZF Minor Grants

This round of ZF Minor Grants Program is :fire:.

Here is a brief summary of the entries for the second round of ZF minor grants.
Excerpts are quoted from the original forum posts, please read the full application for proper context.

Zcash Mempool Visualizer (Proposal for Minor Grants)

Asking for: $18,400 USD

Proposal: Brazilian Privacy Alliance

Asking for: $24,600 USD

Proposal: Creation of “Radio Z” an online Zcash radio station

Asking for: $6,200

Proposal: New stage of Zcast, the Spanish Zcash podcast

Asking for: $24,000

Proposal: In-person classes for entrepreneurs on Zcash as a payment method

Asking for: $7,550 USD

Proposal: Extend ZecHub Bounty program into 2024

Asking for: $7,000 USD

Proposal: Zcash Africa

Asking for: $9,850 USD

Proposal: - Trade Show Booth

Asking for: $13,962 USD (537 ZEC x $26 USD)

Zecwallet Lightwalletd server continuation

Asking for: $6,000 USD

Proposal: Zcash HCI Guidelines & Design System

Asking for: $24,000 USD

Zcash Metrics and Analytics Dashboard

Asking for: $25,000 USD

Proposal: Art for Privacy Awards (Premios Arte para la Privacidad)

Asking for: $9,000 USD

Grand total of applications: $175,562

The total budget for the ZF Minor Grants Program is $75,000.

Since not everyone can be accepted, I wish all the participants the best of luck. And may the ZCAP members vote for the best!