Protecting the Zcash Trademarks

Why is trademark enforcement important? In addition to ZF’s required actions under the ECC donation agreement and required actions under all registration jurisdictions, enforcement is important in order to:

  1. Identify official sources of information, reducing the likelihood of fraudulent or incorrect information.
  2. Identify official apps and services, reducing the likelihood of fraudulent activities.
  3. Protect the reputation of Zcash, its associated entities, and the Zcash community.

How does ZF monitor trademark usage and how is enforcement initiated? ZF utilizes a multi-faceted approach:

  1. We work with multiple trademark lawyers to inform and lead our worldwide registration and enforcement efforts. These efforts include monitoring trademark registrars worldwide to ensure we are disputing potential infringements as early in the registration or renewal processes as possible.
  2. We subscribe to multiple “watch services” that monitor apps, social media usernames, domain name registrations, and other online services. When a trademark violation is identified, we take immediate action to notify the offending party and resolve the violation.

What can you do to help keep current and future Zcash community members safe from scams and misinformation?

  1. Become familiar with ZF’s trademark policy.
  2. If you create, or have created, a project that requires trademark usage approval and you haven’t requested approval yet, please do so via this form.
  3. If you create, or have created, a project that does not require trademark usage approval (because it is informational or otherwise isn’t required by the policy), please ensure your project is clearly marked as an unofficial source to avoid confusion.
  4. Report suspected trademark violations via this form.

Point #1 is a bit comical because if I go to any major platform to look for Zcash information, I am served up with misinformation about the supply in cirulation.

  1. Binance
  2. Coinbase
  3. CoinMarketCap
  4. CoinGecko
  5. TradingView

Put a different way, the only site that I’m aware of which shows correct information is

Another trend in Zcash misinformation is that many sites are confusing people that there is a Halving approaching in May of 2023.

I suggest that we completely scrap all resource spend on Trademark and other centralized legal battles regarding Zcash images or any other online representations that our community may or may not like.

Frankly put, imo its a waste of money and it has proven to be fruitless in the past 5-7 years (please counter this assertion, if you’ve got evidence). There aren’t any tangible benefits to having burned all of this capital and human energy on legal melee.

I should add the ideological silliness as well. It is not cypherpunk to lawyer up and bicker about trademarking. That is darn close to the polar opposite of cypherpunk ideals. Lawyering up is for meganational corporations and lawyers in suits. Lawyering up is not for decentralized cypherpunk fast-flat-free-cooperative communities.


Hello everyone!
So we have a real practical situation.

“One of the largest delivering companies in Brazil uses the Zcash logo as it brand and advertisement!”

It seems to me that this is good luck for us and free advertising at the current stage of development. But here’s the thing - it looks like a violation of the Zcash trademark. And what should the Zcash Foundation and community do?

And if we don’t have to do anything about it, isn’t the presence of a trademark just an additional factor of the SEC threat and the perception of Zcash as something centralized?

I opened the voting on Twitter:



I dont think Zé Delivery is infringing on the Zcash trademark. Nonetheless, ZF resources, funds, and time could be put to better use than to chase after trademark violations.

Note, the Zcash trademark is only registered in these countries:
Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, European Union, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, UK, US, Venezuela

Zcash Foundation Trademark Filing Project Status Report 2021 < Link :link: