Q2 2020 Livestream Q&A

Hi all! Hope you’ve had a great week.

If you were able to attend our Q2 Livestream this past Tuesday I hope you enjoyed it! If you haven’t been able to watch it you can view it here.

There were a few questions we didn’t get to on the livestream that our team has answered below…

Are there known recipients of MGC funding?

There are no recipients of Major Grants at the moment as the Major Grants Review Committee is being formed now. More info can be found here: Major Grants Review Committee Candidates MEGATHREAD (answered by Steven)

When will hardware wallets fully support shielded transactions?

The Zcash Foundation funded a grant recently for an organization called Zondax to deliver shielded Zcash support on Ledger devices. Zondax submitted the first of three milestones of that work recently (https://zondax.ch/zcash.html#milestone-1). This project appears to be making good progress and we’re excited to see it completed. (answered by Brad)

Are the wallets proof of concepts or ready to use products? Why do you think it’s important to open source the apps? Isn’t it dangerous?

I would describe the wallets as advanced alpha stage products. These are much further along than a proof of concept and have had substantial effort put into user experience, performance, and security. There is, however, still a high probability that bugs will be uncovered in these libraries therefore we will be providing them with the same disclaimers we put on all of our repositories, this is early software, there could be bugs, use it at your own risk.

We believe it’s important to open source these libraries as part of our commitment to the Zcash and privacy communities. We have spent substantial time and effort to create these applications and their underlying SDKs, we owe it to the community to provide them with the fruits of that effort. These wallets also, and perhaps more importantly, serve as an example of how to build applications using our SDKs for the community.

A bad actor cloning and making malicious code is always a threat to open source code and is no more so on this than other open source mobile projects. That does not outweigh the positive outcome of enterprising community members creating businesses and projects around these libraries. We’re excited about the possibilities and we’ll support the community to create those positive outcomes. (answered by Brad)

Is Halo’s vulnerability to quantum computing attacks problematic for scaling?

Quantum computing attacks are not a realistic concern for our project in the medium term. (answered by Sean)

Is the ECC aware of the keybase ZEC community?

Yes we are, a member of our team keeps up with it regularly.