Releasing Zcon Sessions, an in-person podcast series

Hi everyone,

While at Zcon4, I collaborated with ZF, ZecHub, the ZFAV Club and Paul Brigner (ECC) to create a podcast series called Zcon Sessions.

We have released it on ZecHub’s Twitter/X account today, and will be releasing it on ZecHub + ZFAV’s YouTube and podcast feed soon.

Let us know what you all think!

PS. I’d enjoy working with/supporting others to create a more diverse guest list in the future :slight_smile:


It’s awesome, thank you @januszgrze !

On the episode #2 with @paullinator is mentioned the trouble at Point of Sale when expected to receive 1 ZEC but instead receiving 1 ZEC minus tx cost. In Ywallet one can (un)select “Include Fee in Amount” and, I believe, not have this issue. It’s rather straightforward issue to fix from the wallet side as far as I can tell.

edit: come to think of it, it should be by default like this everywhere. When I send 1 ZEC, I expect 1 ZEC to be received, so fees should be added on top.


Session #9 with @aquietinvestor : I understand you want more activity on the Dev Fund, particularly from community members. Is it still a requirement to pass KYC to participate?

Yes. I’m thinking on ways to change that and will hopefully have some concrete suggestions within a few weeks.


Zcon Sessions was an incredible opportunity and I cannot thank @januszgrze enough for asking the ZF AV Club to be involved. We don’t celebrate the wins enough in these forums and this is a BIG FREAKIN WIN!! :tada: