Request for Transparency From Mining Hardware Manufacturers

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The Zcash community would benefit from greater transparency on the part of hardware manufacturers, as would the broader Equihash mining ecosystem. We are making a formal request for voluntary disclosures from Bitmain, Innosilicon, ASICminer, and any other company that makes mining hardware. We appreciate Bitmain’s recent move in this direction, and hope to see more progress going forward.

Here are the disclosures that we’re asking for:

  • The firm’s policy for when it does or does not mine with its own equipment
  • A policy on which blockchains and which pools the firm will mine
  • Transaction inclusion policy (for example, will the firm mine empty blocks)
  • Hard data about self-mining, such as total hash rate, updated on a regular basis
  • Shipping and volume info about Equihash-capable miners

Sharing this information is a way for hardware manufacturers to demonstrate good faith and build trust with the community.


I think this is a good move and will show who how transparent is or wants to be …

I would send it to all known Asic producers so later none has an excuse that they were not aware of it:

  • Bitmain
  • Innosilicon
  • Asicminer
  • Baikal
  • Obelisk
  • iBeLink
  • Halong
  • GMO
  • Ebang
  • PinIdea
  • Canaan
  • Pantech
  • Bitfily
  • BW
  • Bitfury

I think these are all known asic producers that could make a equihash asic miner at the moment, some might be even out of business by now. But the more you include the better in my opinion.


ZcashCo should not be basing policy decisions on the good will of others and should assume the worst case scenario i.e. hidden players etc. and plan around this when implementing a POW scheme for a more robust trustless network. Any one of the top ASIC manufactures could now have monopoly hash for Equihash due to their technological advantage and this should be considered a network security issue. If Zcash was more widely used and valued higher, I guarantee you, they would not be selling you any useful miners except end of line old stock, therefore ZcashCo should plan accordingly.


Or, you know, you could just fix the proof of work algorithm…


Good luck with that. Even if they give you specs and numbers, there’s no way to know that they are accurate. Bottom line is, if you don’t want your coin to be vulnerable, don’t allow it to be vulnerable.


i guess that’s it, the direction is so clear now. i no longer see any balance in solution finding here. it is pretty much like zokoo at the end, not finding positive and negative side, but just trying to make negative to look like somehow positive and give no choice for anyone but to accept it as positive at the end. not gonna wait until no more room left for me here, i’m out today, thx zcash for whatever.

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Well i thing that the algo is not going to change and ASICS are here to stay. The foundation is not researching new algos or things like that, nevertheless is trying to discus with asic manufactures.
I m a miner (very small, 3x1070s and 3x1080s) and i was… lets say emotionally connected with zec and eth because i mine those 2 coins. I m not a trader and i want to buy things with that coins and not exchange them for fiat (after 2-3 years). The last 2 weeks i m on nicehash (1080s) … so my favorite coins are eth and btc, because im a miner… i will keep my zecs but not mine it any more.
I thing zec is loosing a big part of the comunity right now. Show me an asic coin with comunity…
And … sory for my bad english… Well i have learnt english with google translate!


Since the underlying motto of crypto at large is “Don’t trust, Verify” there should be a way to accomplish this cryptographically.

The inspiration for this came from another crypto project called Decred, in which tickets must be incorporated into blocks in order for the blocks to be valid. The model used in Decred is that ticket holders can cast votes with purchased tickets and that these tickets are required by miners to form a valid block (more or less).

The solution I propose is for the Zcash foundation to create mining tickets - the difference being that these tickets are free and non voting. That is, the foundation would effectively become a zero cost cryptographic ticket issuer. By doing so, all miners will require tickets and will therefore be known. Since these tickets would need to be included in a mined block to validate the block, rogue players would no longer be able to mine in secret and there would be no penalty to honest miners. This would also lead to mechanism to allow the foundation to veto any rogue miners as unticketed blocks will not be considered valid.

The downside of doing this is that the power that the foundation wields becomes very significant which could be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at things…

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Verge
  • Digibyte
  • Dash
  • Sia Coin

just the communities that are bigger than Zcash community…

Actually Zcash has a relative low community compared to it’s Ranking. Market Cap: #22, Community Rank: #37

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I like this idea, I have been thinking about a validation protocol of some kind. Running a node isn’t enough, anyone can do that. Maybe if ZEC had an official wallet/node software (for all platforms) that required registration and validation and logged the attached system hardware.

I’m sorry that you feel emotionally hurt! I hope that you keep your ZECs and will also keep being part of the community going forward. I think it is still possible that the community will change the PoW algorithm or figure out some other method of making GPU mining profitable. Your English is great considering you learned it from google translate! :laughing: I understood.

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I did not expecting a respond from you, (because you a beasy man) and thanks for that.
I know that my post was a bit of childish and silly, and i feel that your first sentence is ironic. I maybe wrong about that cause… as i said english is not my best.
Here is my thoughts about this asic debate:
Stelth mining is ok for me, is not illegal and everybody would do that if they could.
Bitmain is ok, they are the biggest company in the game and playing with their own rules. But i m not buying anything from them… (Z1 2000$ no after 2 weeks 1500$… after 1 week 850$) i want as i client a litle bit of respect.
51% attacks is ok too. Yes … If your coin cannot do anything about that, then you don’t have a coin. Very simple. Crypto is here for solving that cind of problems and not for creating it. After you make your coin safe then you can work to make it fast, smart etc…
What i cannot understand is why zec was not clear from the beginning. ASICS were coming and everybody knew that. The community wanted an anser. There are 3 simple choises
1 fork.
2 no fork.
3 fork after sapling.
Well i know that i m not the first who is telling all that but … anyway.
Sorry for the pain in your eyes…:sunglasses: I did not use google translate on that…
And … only one ghost can kill gpu mining, Casper…

I dont blame you if all this is greek to you… because i m Greek too!