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If you disagree with something or have an issue, please bring it up as early as possible. Don’t wait for it!! It helps us achieve our mission faster.

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Is this referring to something in particular?

Anyone should feel free to post disagreements and problems, that is how we grow as a community, and is encouraged. Try to be constructive and specific about the issues so we can correct them.

Yep, sharing their disagreements early is better.

One such example: MGRC voting poll discussion after voting is done (Ideally, any concerns should’ve been brought up before the polling session)

Newer example: unnecessary frustration towards @mlphresearch in another thread (everyone knew about this & community was fine with it, lots of people have voted for that).

I’m not saying people shouldn’t question or show disagreements. You (whoever is reading this post) get best outcomes when it’s done at the right time!


Many on this forum and on Twitter use the word “community” (community supports, knows, wants, etc.), what kind of community do you mean? I don’t see that a lot of people would participate in the life of the project, these are employees of different institutions who work for money from the project or organizations that work with the project, where, according to your community, calls do not even have 100 participants, there are also only about 1000 views (except a rare case, but this is due to the participation of a popular person not from zcash), on the forum, not from employees, at most 15 people participate in discussions. You say the community knew, I didn’t know what the dispute was about, or I don’t belong to the community or you may not know what other community members think. I don’t care what happens inside the team, I care about a positive and visible result of development, without this: 1) The community is growing (where can you see it? I see that, on the contrary, there are less and less independent and unpaid participants) 2) The project is developing (what exactly is development? It is improving, yes, but what is development in the project, where is it moving forward, what does it achieve besides protecting the current position?) 3) We have the best development team (what is our advantage and why projects that do not have such a team develop faster and better is debatable because there is no concept of development) 4) What factors indicate that the project is important for the community?
So far, everything that I see for people in the world is either not applicable or not interesting, the benefit will only be when everything is ready, I think that before that the popularity will fall and the number of dissatisfied grows, the project has become speculative, no one expects success, all coin holders want to return the money, the idea has died and only the beneficiaries write articles and interviews about the importance of the project.


It reminds me of the tantrums of early bitcoin holders.


Valid concerns are always welcome and yes you should not be hesitant about voicing them. SPEAK!
Just leave the sophistry at the door. ; )

The first step to be better is to admit your weaknesses

That’s not a really fair comparison, Zcash Foundation is not the currency “Zcash” and is 3 years younger than Monero.

But that brings up another point, for some reason the ECC has the “Zcash” Twitter handle and chooses not to use it?


And I didn’t mean the currency, I meant the community (the total number of members), I have long been asking by what criterion the community is growing, in my opinion the community is shrinking, because there are fewer forum participants (about 3 years ago there were a lot of different people who discussed) the number of news views on Twitter has decreased, and so on, the zcash community is losing to itself 3 years ago.
In general, it is important to understand what criterion is development as a whole, so that you can understand which things help in development and which do not. 1) The number of translations is a good indicator. 2) The volume of transfers is a good indicator. 3) Trading volume is a bad indicator. 4) Community growth is an excellent indicator, but how to count it, I think if there is an increase in views of speeches, say, up to 100 thousand, this will certainly increase interest. 5) The technical development of the project is a bad indicator because this is not the development of the project, it is improvement and even the most perfect currency may not be met by the society. 6) The number of wallets with large holders is neither a bad nor a good indicator, it is not known which exchange wallets.
7) Mention on social media is a good indicator. 8) Discussion in the government is a good indicator 9) Acceptance by exchanges is a bad indicator because it is not a community but a business
The question is for what indicators the teams are now fighting to say that the project is developing and the community is growing.
If we compare with a person, then I’m talking about development when a person, with growth and maturation, learns and achieves success in life and does not just grow physically, which is also development, for zcash just growing is not enough in my opinion, you need a talented and successful “person” his abilities will change the world (say Einstein), and not a 40-year-old man who is physically in good shape but who knows absolutely nothing and does not mean anything to other people.


Good question. Could someone make it more clear?

I like Userbase + Codebase.

Userbase including zecforum active users, wallet downloads, shielded tx…
Codebase including UIs, z2z bots, new apps…

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