Restricting Price Discussions

I think discussions of the ZEC price should not be welcome in all forum categories. It ends up making all conversations about the price of ZEC, which is essentially drowning all other interesting comments. I suggest to add such restriction to the Zcash Community Code of Conduct.

What do you think?

  • Restrict price discussions to specific forum category
  • Unrestricted price discussions
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Should we decide to indeed restrict price discussions, we would need to create a forum category that would be dedicated to this subject.

I think this point brings up what a vocal few view as important to them. The shift to pro fiat has been fascinating and enlightening. Should we have an option? Yes. Is that all everyone cares about? I vote no but I am dismad. :zebra:

Voted unrestricted so everyone can view for themselves what 's important to those who care to talk


Thanks for sharing the details of your opinion, appreciated.

My belief is that we would get more people participating if people would see more intellectual thoughts and less price related comments.


We can’t not talk about price because price is the first thing that any (potential) new Zcash user sees. It is the foremost marketing vector for the entire project. And let me state the obvious, price has not been good to Zcash in recent years.


This is a refocus on privacy for all. ZEC fundamentally does not meet the needs of its target market. The sooner you realize that, the better. people need stability and it’s functionally impossible for zec to deliver that. the only viable solution today is 100% collateral backed stsblecoins, which complements zec. sonit’s not a shift—ZSA and stablecoins are in development. treasury bonds as collateral are needed in the same way gold was needed to provide paper money the trust people wanted. treasury backed stsblecoins for “smart money” is the next logical step. I see this as a hard push to make zec privacy tech useable for the average person. then at the same time make zec valuable as a productive asset powering a POS network. we need

  1. transaction fees
    2 float income from stsblecoin collateral pools.

In what twisted mind a crytoCURRENCY project would be barred from discussing price ?!


Just so you know @joris, the most important Ethereum forum never discusses price:

Maybe because ETH price go up ?
Zcash price has been discarded with disdain by devfund recipients for many years, yet zcash price was an important signal at how the markets values Zcash.
And here we are today, with laid off people, disgruntled investors, and adam3us is laughing at us.


Or maybe because incessantly discussing the price isn’t making it go up. Other work and discussions are necessary and they know that. Maybe that’s why they have the high price and we don’t.

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This is in the ZFAV code of conduct since launch.

Posts and comments focusing on the ZEC market price in any ZF A/V Club channels are not welcome and will be considered spam by club organizers and channel admins.

No lol,
If you really want to kill the price discussion, then we need to also kill the devfund and the salaries.

Price of a cryptocurrency is a metric of success that anyone in the world can understand and measure. Devfund recipients ignored this metric, spitting in the face at the communityt, at the expense of Zcash itself, the current investors and potential investors.

When I buy Zcash, I pay the price of it, and I expect due diligence in return. I don’t expect anyone to tell me to stfu about it, especially when devfund recipients think they can impose a CoC, mask mandate, shove down my throat liberal topic and he/him pronouns and get free lunches with my money.

If we are where we are today is also partly because of price.

Price speculation is another beast of course…


whoa, that was a long time ago!
just one more year and we get to 4.2% Inflation :slight_smile:

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i think to “kill” the price discussion, we need to get people busy.
just by the example of Mina, they have a great mechanism to make people build for the projects,
they make people run full nodes and get involved.
i don’t know why with Zcash everything is so disorganized,
same discussions for 5 years, nothing really changes, no real progress outside the core tech…
funded projects for hundreds thousands Dollars, and most are not even usable right now xD
they also push away energized talented people, there is no one who inspires people rn
so only people who care about price are left

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Thank you, you’ve summarized the situation really well and made the best argument for why price discussions should stay far and clear from people who actually want to contribute to the project.

I’m new here but I’m already exhausted by those who cannot speak of anything but price.

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And still you want to impose your views on older members that have contributed exponentially more than you… Not very cool, this forum is already censored a lot.
I feel like if people have resent and need to spit it out, just let them, Zcash owes them this. Otherwise, if they can’t speak, they could go mad.

@joris, regardless of how long I’ve been on this forum, I want Zcash to succeed.

Success metric: Electric Coin Co. strategy: A 30-year vision - Electric Coin Company

One key aspect for this to succeed, in my humble opinion, is for the project to maintain a place where the community can discuss respectfully. When some community members come in and hijack every other topics to talk about their price obsession, it shows disrespect. I like respect; I would indeed rather have more moderation on this forum.

I see that so far the poll result is in favor of keeping the status-quo. That’s fine, in that case we could do the opposite, and have one or more categories, where price discussions are not welcome. Eventually inspiring people will come back, and we’ll have that poll again.

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FWIW, I think as time goes by, people complaining about price will dimishes over time, as everybody would fold their bets and move on to something else.

For the success metrics, this 30 years roadmap is bullshit and has been called out by many members I wouldn’t trust this roadmap anymore.


Not including the price variable in a relevant post is like deciding to get married in a great venue serving to all guests McDonald

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There are at least 2 threads on here specifically for price discussions.


How do you propose this risk is minimized? Without a backdoor / freeze mode ? :cowboy_hat_face: I’m not against private stable coins, I’m against the implied implications they create from authorities . 1 ZEC = 1 ZEC seems like a decent option.