RFI – New Materials for Zcash Community Websites & Translation of Existing Content

This Request for Input (RFI) is intended as an open call for grant proposals related to creating well-designed informational and educational materials for the Zcash community. We also welcome grant ideas for translating existing materials into non-English languages in order to extend the reach of Zcash. Our goal is to encourage community collaboration so that the materials featured on Zcash websites and other digital properties are of the highest quality and ensure brand safety.

Rather than creating new digital properties, we recommend improving existing websites, such as zcashcommunity.com or z.cash, which are popular sites individuals utilize to learn more about Zcash.

Currently, these websites are maintained by individual contributors or entities. We believe incentivizing community contribution in strategic areas, coupled with processes for quality control, will enable the creation of high-quality website materials and design. Where appropriate, we will work closely with the owners of these existing websites to establish standards, controls, and approvals to ensure the submission process is efficient and the websites are not misused. ZCG will conduct an initial review of these grant proposals. The individuals or entities who own the websites will have the final say in whether or not they will go forward with a proposal or implement an idea. They are under no obligation to do so.

Over time, we hope one of these websites will become the consensus website: a highly comprehensive and aesthetic website individuals use before exploring other ecosystem websites or to obtain general information about Zcash.

Please use this thread to propose or brainstorm ideas. Relevant questions include:

  • What information is currently missing from existing Zcash community websites?
  • What educational and informational materials would be beneficial to add to these websites?
  • How can we better design and organize existing websites and materials?
  • What are examples of high-quality cryptocurrency websites?
  • What existing materials should be translated into non-English languages?
  • What languages should be prioritized?

I feel there is a gap, we could use a website/short document specifically targeted to people that have never heard of crypto-currency, providing:

  • What is a crypto-currency
  • What is in it for them in using it
  • “Zooko’s on-boarding”: simple step by step in downloading a wallet and getting started, with links
  • Links to the forum and Discord for more questions
  • Big dramatic warning at the end, saying that there are many other cryptos but the reader’s privacy is at risk by using them instead of Zcash

If this can be done in an attractive way like the Cypherpunk Zero website, even better.


I agree with this entirely. Right now, on the z.cash website, if you go to the “News and Events” section for example, you’ll see that the next upcoming “Zcash” event is the Messari conference in September. Zcon3 which is slated to happen in August… is not listed anywhere… since the Zcash Foundation does not have access to editing this website. There’s also pretty much zilch information on Zebra on this website! :sweat_smile:

I absolutely believe that a central hub such as the Z.cash domain and social accounts should not be controlled by a single entity. Zcash is more than any one given entity! It’s diverse and robust!! :woman_shrugging:


Hey! First time posting so hoping that I’m following up here in the appropriate format.

I’m wondering if there’s any need to translate content in Portuguese? If so, then i’d be interesting in taking steps forward with starting to create translations for whatever content may be needed.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @tgrecojs. How are you doing?

I’m from Brazil & LATAM community and we have some bounties and channels for translating in our server: Zcash Latam
Feel free to participate.


This RFI proposal for translating would be interesting if joined with all existing ambassadors team, plus the futures ones because we already do it basically.


In the spirit of collaboration, have you tried reaching out to ECC folks on updating the electriccoin.co events page? z.cash news and events navbar redirects to ECC blog, ZF blog, and ECC events page. z.cash itself doesn’t have an event calendar.

z.cash news and buzz section clearly retweets Zcon3 stuffs.

On Zebra, it’s still in beta. I don’t think today it’s the appropriate time to list it on z.cash website alongside zcashd. I use zebra and it’s wonderfully fast, but I don’t use mainnet ZEC with it.

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I mostly agree with everything you have said.

My point, however, is that a hub such as z.cash should not have only one entity controlling it. To list Zcon3 for example on the website, there shouldn’t be a need to ask for it to be added. ZF should just be able to do that.

As for Zebra, I’m not saying now is the appropriate time to list it alongside zcashd at all. However, it is a major project within the Zcash ecosystem and some information on it should at the very least be available on the site. Who knows, that might actually attract more devs.

Speaking for myself btw.

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I totally agree. There has been call from the community to open contribution for the site.

The foundation tweet on Zebra beta 11 is available on Buzz - Zcash

Also, I don’t think this is at all due to lack of care from ECC. NU5 has taken a lot of resources from both ECC and ZF other parties. Other things take first priority when it comes to network safety and new technology adoption. So, when things settle again, we might see some changes. I believe the community should use that as a momentum to get the changes community wants to see.


I just want to be clear that I in no way was pointing fingers at ECC! I didn’t mention them even once in my point about decentralizing the management of z.cash :slight_smile:

Agree with everything else!

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Great proposal!

My proposal with the Zcash website in Spanish, as the second most spoken language on the web and third most spoken language in the world, aims precisely at that: translate, contribute and get Spanish contributors to join.

It will be ready soon.

And I totally agree that there must be constant consensus and revision of content to provide information at all levels: to those who know nothing about cryptocurrencies and to those who know a lot and want more technical and deep aspects.

Personally I think that Zcash websites in other languages should follow the graphic and editorial line of the homepage z.cash.


''This Policy covers:

Our word trademarks and service marks (the “Word Marks”)

Always distinguish trademarks from surrounding text with at least initial capital letters or in all capital letters.

  • Unacceptable: zcash
  • Acceptable: Zcash, ZCASH

Our logos (the “Logos”):

The Zcash logo, black and white

The Zcash logo, yellow, black and white and color

And the unique visual styling of our website and packaging (the “Trade Dress”). This Policy encompasses all trademarks and service marks, whether Word Marks, Logos or Trade Dress, which are collectively referred to as the “Marks.” Some Marks may not be registered, but registration does not equal ownership of trademarks. This Policy covers our Marks whether they are registered or not.‘’

Following the graphical style of z.cash is in violation of the TM…

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You can use the Zcash marks. As long as it’s not commercial you shouldn’t worry.

We’re not a bunch of patent trolls here.

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Thats incorrect,

''13. Uses We Consider Non-Infringing

You may use the Word Marks and Logos, but not the Trade Dress, on your webpage or social media bio to show your support for Zcash as long as:

  • The website has branding that is easily distinguished from the Zcash Trade Dress;
  • You own branding or naming is more prominent than any Project Marks;
  • The Logos hyperlink to the Zcash website;
  • The site does not mislead customers into thinking that either your website, service, or product is our website, service, or product; and
  • The site clearly states that you are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Zcash Foundation.‘’

So the Zcash ‘Word Marks’ and ‘Logos’ are allowed to be used but not the graphical style, ‘Trade Dress’. Basically, it cant look like z.cash (use the same colors and style).

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  1. Uses We Consider Infringing Without Seeking Further Permission​

We will likely consider using the Marks as part of a domain name or subdomain an infringement of our Marks. We would likely consider using the Marks on promotional goods for sale an infringement of our Marks.

To use Zcash in a domain requires permission. e.g. zcashesp[dot]com, zcashcommunity[dot]com

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Thanks to @aquietinvestor & everyone at ZCG who took the time to craft this RFI.

I agree that leaning on qualified, vetted community members to produce select informational/educational materials could be an excellent way to extend the reach of Zcash. We are most eager to see thoughtful, apolitical proposals that account for our logistical and practical concerns around producing + managing cohesive brand assets. In this writer’s humble opinion, we need to balance the desire to opensource certain assets with the need to build a brand that will stand the test of time.

As an aside, we (ECC) are working on an overhaul of the Zcash website that aims to better position the ecosystem for mainstream adoption. We will work with relevant community stakeholders wherever practical, with the ultimate goal of creating a cohesive, brand safe experience for all members of our small but growing ecosystem. Please stay tuned for more information on the overhaul in the coming months.

Lastly, if it was not already clear, community members can DM me here or on Twitter if they have ideas for the Zcash website, need events added, etc. My inbox is always open :v:


Thanks! :+1: :shield:

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Look this, @yoditar

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