RFP - Run Your Own Zcash Full Node

Is this grant still accepting proposals? If so kindly go through my proposals given below.
Proposal 1 - ZCASH Linux for Raspberyy PI & Nvidia Jetson. A completely customised linux distro for installing on dev boards , which can start serving Zcash node without any setup. The distro is capabling of running ZCASHD and ZEBRAD without any installation or logging to terminal. By leveraging a cron job to check for updates regularly , we can make sure that the node stays updated. We plan to build ZCASH UIs for Android , IOS and a webapp for accessing the linux distro , with full root access privilege , and it can be used to control the distro , host lightwalletd instances. Apart from having a user friendly layout , the UI will contain an inbuilt terminal to access the linux distro. With ZCASH UI , user can use our app features to communicate with the network using ZCASH RPC. By leveraging notification and telegram alerts , we can keep the user alert about status of the node and can easily complete the troubleshooting from the UI. This project will have a complete gitbook documentation and a video tutorial series on youtube. This project will be completely open source. We are requesting $35000/- in grant amount.

Proposal 2- ZCASH full node device using NXP IMX8 MPU or Rockchip RK3399. We propose to create an independent device or dev board for users to host their full node for ZCASH at an affordable price. The device will be shipped to users with an pre installed Linux distro , and users can customise it and communicate to lightwalletd and zcashd using our Native UI on android and IOS and our webapp. The benefits of this setup over first proposal is that this setup is plug and play and does not require any OS installation. Users can plug in their device and immediately start running the node.The device will have sufficient ram for running node and hosting the API for the apps. This project will be completely open source. We are requesting $50000/- in grant amount.

For a detailed description of the proposal and actual figures and milestones , please open the attached PDF.

Grant document details.pdf


@ahas I can confirm that the Zcash Community Grants Committee has received your proposal via email and is scheduled to review and discuss it tomorrow in our weekly meeting. We will reach out to you early next week to discuss next steps. Thanks!


Thanks! I wasn’t sure of which platform I should use. And somebody from discord asked me to post here. Appreciate the help , thanks again.

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