RFP - Zcash Lightwalletd Infrastructure Development and Maintenance

Thanks for your detailed and prompt review on this proposal.


  • I endorse the trustworthiness of @emersonian
  • this is not funding for a wallet
  • I am not a potential grant recipient
  • I am the insider. I 100% was aware of the draft RFP, and pushed @emersonian (and every other expert that I knew) to apply for it, this in no-way inhibits other applicants. The RFP aspires to fund multiple proposals.
  • If there’s an appearance of favoritism, or anti-competitiveness, that’s on me. I believe that this work is urgent, and should be funded as quickly as possible. Please tell your hardened-infrastructure Zcash enthusiast friends to apply.

Slower Recap

I believe that this work is essential to the health of the lightclient network, and therefore Zcash.

I am not an author on this proposal, nor would I receive any funds if the proposal were approved.

I know @emersonian and endorse them as a trustworthy contributor who can support a critical need for the whole community.

I am unclear on where you perceive this “act”. I absolutely have seen the proposal before and certainly did push @emersonian to apply with it. I am not a “co-applicant” in any financial sense.

Are you concerned about potential applicants being unfairly scooped?

I was aware that this RFP would be published because I was asked to review it. I consulted with every expert I knew in the space, including @emersonian . What’s the issue?

Finally, I really appreciate the skepticism and diligence that @Jgx7 brings to the forum. I’d appreciate their feedback on Zingo’s latest release which I believe has bearing on some concerns about optimal resource allocation.