Running into Problems

This is all I keep seeing.

"Since starting this node 7 minutes, 23 seconds ago:

  • You have validated 76 transactions!
  • You have contributed 0.0000 Sol/s on average to the network solution rate.
  • You have completed 0 Equihash solver runs."

I have a Nvidia Geforce GTX 860M and I believe it is set up for CPU mining which in that case I have a Intel Core i7-4710HQ. I’m really confused about what is going on. Please help!

For your card, the best bet is to download the new NiceHash Miner v1.7.3.2, select your CPU and GPU under devices, run benchmarks, and setup a JAXX wallet on your desktop … create a Bitcoin address, put that address into the NiceHash Miner, and after going through all the benchmarks, just hit Start … make sure you close down most applications running in the background and foreground on your computer.

NiceHash Miner will automatically convert your mining of equihash Zcash, and turn it into Bitcoin, deposited to your address you setup in JAXX.

While prices have been dropping drastically with Zcash, it is still the most lucrative to mine and to either stock pile or sell, though with your setup, you may expect around a few hundred $ a month, though you have electrical costs … NiceHash will show you what your mBTC/Day rate is (how much you will make per day) once it is running. To strictly mine Zcash with it, you go into settings and select equihash only. The benefit of having all selected, is that after running the benchmark tests, NiceHash Miner will automatically switch your mining efforts to whatever is the most lucrative at the moment, say for instance, if Zcash plummets.