Rustconf 2022!

Is the zcash community planning to make a splash here?

Is there anything coordinated?

This is the first post-covid in-person Rustconf.

It’d be strategic to invest in mindshare in this context.

How much does it cost to be a “Diamond Sponsor”?

Can we send a crew?

It’s quite close in time, and relatively close in space to Zcon3… Rustconf to Zcon3 roadtrip anyone???

Nevada highways in August TOO COOL!!


Can we apply grant to @ZcashGrants for this? $20,000 for a Diamond sponsor. I saw another cryptocurrency project, Penumbra, as a Diamond sponsor. At least we know that the conference is cryptocurrency-friendly :smiley:

ZCG grant idea: Zcash as a Diamond Sponsor for RustConf 2022


Do it!!! Also I love the idea of a dusty-bedraggled Band of Rustaceans stumbling into Zcon3 having achieved the epic trek from Portland… maybe the zcashers could lure a whole clutch of fresh-to-zcash Rustaceans along…

Epic Treks are Alll the rage…

I say hop on the Diamond Sponsor idea, before the price goes up! Before other Cryptocurrencies get in!


Imagine the Tsunami of Epiphanies bursting into existence!! One after another… the Hackers desperate to capture them… cryptographic heiroglyphs scrawled in lipstick on the windows… Django Reihardt remixed on the audio… the bus imported from Guatemala complete with Mayan art…

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